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Yeah, I wasn’t sure if racist is the right word, but he’s definitely got some very strange notions, especially about Americans.


Well, keeping in mind the fact that I’m not the most knowledgeable on the topic and I still have plenty to learn, the argument comes down to it being, on one hand, someone making broad generalizations and discriminating on the basis of race, which generally, we’d call racism. On the other hand, it’s also somewhat accepted that racism requires privilege and power in the societal sense, meaning that as a mixed-race immigrant(or at least, resident, I don’t know his personal situation in that regard), he doesn’t have the societal power to actually be racist against groups which do have that privilege and power.

That’s really just the broad strokes description of it, and I can’t say I’m behind either one of them, not for lack of care, but not knowing enough to get behind one or the other wholeheartedly.


Ted Cruz liked porn on twitter. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with liking porn, but kind of a bad move when you are such a public figure and even worse when you argued that people do not have a legal right to masturbate.

People say this is the first evidence that Ted Cruz has human feelings. I say that it doesn’t really distinguish him any further from what I believe he is: a skin spy.


Mass shootings in America have now become so common they are just background noise in tragic world news, the same as weather disasters in non-western countries, ferry boats capsizing, earthquakes in South America, etc. I don’t even bother searching for more information when gun control memes start showing up on twitter. I just can’t bring myself to care more anymore.


I forgot when shootings fell off of my radar but it has been a while. There have been at least 4 shootings that I can recall with 1+ victims within a mile or two of where I live. Violence is just the background radiation you live with living in America. Your sympathy is appreciated, but if the only thing we needed to mitigate the violence of American life was sympathy we would have solved this problem a long time ago.


Nah, that’s my point. I don’t even feel sympathy any more. I feel nothing.


I understood. I messed up my tenses and voice it seems. I know people hate it when their thoughts and prayers aren’t given their credit. I hope the point of the rest of my post about people caring, doesn’t not by itself matter, came across.