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Shit is getting CRAZY!



Um… What?


Huge train derailment in Taiwan. 20+ dead, nearly 200 injured. Cause as yet unknown. Trains aren’t meant to zig zag.




US companies might take some flack for how interns and trainees are treated, but boy do Japanese black companies (companies that have especially bad working conditions) put them to shame, especially when the workers are from one of the “lesser countries” (read: Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.).

The company that’s making the news rounds says the interns: aren’t allowed to have romantic relationships (or even be alone in their room with a member of the opposite sex), aren’t allowed to sleep anywhere but the company dorms, can’t go outside in groups larger than two without permission, and have to pay a heft fine if they get pregnant. An trainee from Vietnam got pregnant, but she still hadn’t paid off the money she borrowed to move to Japan for work, so the company told her, “Get an abortion or get deported, you choose.”



Well, it happened.


Well, one less place in the world I’d like to live if I had to make the choice.

That said, and I’m probably preaching to the choir here, this won’t stop criminals, who’ll just put open source crypto software on their devices instead.


California considered adding a texting tax.
The FCC struck it down.


Airport completely shut down due to drones flying there.



PSA: If you have Oral-B dental floss, throw it out.


Dammit, now I need to find a new floss that can actually handle my gnarly maw.


So this Gearbox lawsuit is getting pretty weird.

Several hours after the publication of this story, Ars Technica tracked down a magic podcast on which Pitchford had appeared last year. Around the same time, a Gearbox spokesperson also e-mailed the podcast to Kotaku. In an episode that went live December 22, 2018, the day after the lawsuit was filed,Pitchford told his version of the USB stick story—for the first time, he said. Pitchford described his enjoyment of “camgirl” pornography—in which a woman streams live erotic content—and explained that he had saved a porn video of a camgirl on said memory stick before it was lost.

“It’s a woman who is masturbating,” Pitchford said, “and when she has some experience that appears as if she’s having an orgasm, a huge amount of fluid comes out of her vagina.”

“This is not a sex worker—this is a fucking magician,” he added, saying he had purchased one of her videos and put it on the USB stick. “Some kid, an employee of the Medieval Times, discovered this memory stick, took it home, and accessed it because it was before we were password-protecting, and discovered secrets of my company and future games in development, and also discovered the pornography. And it was barely legal porn. This girl’s handle was ‘Only 18.’”


So, I guess Gawker made a silent comeback earlier this month, and it’s already a failure.


Not really. A rich right-wing asshole bought them and tried to re-spin a right-wing propaganda outlet with a thin veneer of popular culture under the same branding. It’s failing because they kinda failed to take into account the alt-right and similar’s almost pathological obsession with shitting on Gawker, which basically lead to a massive own goal from both sides.