How did you find GeekNights?


(Previously.) I discovered GeekNights via a friend who enjoyed Rym and Scott’s PAX East 2010 panel, Beyond Dungeons & Dragons. I’m a fan of tabletop roleplaying games and gaming generally.


I don’t remember exactly how I ended up here, but it was something like 4chan -> AWO -> ??? -> Geeknights


I found out about GeekNights because Rym and Scott sent an audio response to a question put out to the community by Anime World Order. I was going to college with an absolutely insane commute and I had way too much time to listen to podcasts, so I added GeekNights to the rotation and I’ve been listening ever since.


I randomly became curious about PAX during the summer of 2012 and these panel videos were the first to pop up. Bought an MP3 player so that I would have a distraction while out on runs. Then this lead to Fast Karate, which lead to AWO, which marked the beginning of the rabbit hole.


Heard Geeknights mentioned on Anime Utahime years and years ago, if I recall correctly. Been listening ever since.


Woah, Eryn and I are not the only ones! :smiley:


I just looked it up. That was 2006. More than a decade ago.



[quote=“Whistle, post:25, topic:42, full:true”]
Heard Geeknights mentioned on Anime Utahime years and years ago, if I recall correctly. Been listening ever since.
[/quote]I’m really curious what these other people were saying about us. Do you have links?


Unfortunately, I think that particular podcast took down their episodes, and I didn’t keep very good archives back then.


A crime against the universe. Don’t you see us saving our old forums here?


In my defense I was a punk kid and didn’t own my own computer.


Not you. The podcasters.

#33 (Not sure if it works, I don’t want to download iTunes.)

If that doesn’t work, let me inflate your ego with a quote from me circa a decade ago. Jesus Christ my grammar was atrocious.


Went to the panel about Game Rules at PAX South 2016 and have been listening ever since. :slight_smile: Also enjoyed watching the other panels that Rym has uploaded on YouTube and have been sharing with some friends as well.


“The podcasters” was me. That was my old podcast. :stuck_out_tongue: I mentioned you guys after Petitmort brought you up in my forum. The episodes of the podcast are all offline now because they were all about anime music and I got cold feet re: copyright.


Curse you copyright! Curse youuuuu!

I don’t make YouTube videos about KPop or anything for the same reasons.


Long time ago on applegeeks the webcomic.
God that was a while back.


I checked “A friend told me about this” but could have checked “Been here forever” because I have been listening since 2006.


I originally found out about it through Winamp.


I actually can’t remember how I came across the podcast. I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few years now. I’ve never even been to a con before.