How did you find GeekNights?

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You might notice there is yet again a new poll up at This time we’re asking how you discovered GeekNights. Whether you select “other” or not, this is a good thread to let us know how you found us. This will help us determine the most effective ways to get new listeners. Once we do that, we will have a better idea of what direction to push in.

  • Been here forever
  • Saw a GeekNights panel at a con
  • Saw a GeekNights panel on youtube
  • Podcast app suggestion
  • Friend told me about this
  • Friend of Rym and Scott before I knew GeekNights existed
  • I can’t remember
  • Stumbled on it semi-randomly

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Huh. I could’ve sworn I posted in this thread way back in the day, but apparently I never did.

Welp, I voted “Been here forever” on the poll because that’s most true now, but I originally found GN through a recommendation that La Petit Mort/Cielmort posted in my own podcast’s forum. Said post is still alive by some miracle:

[quote=“Eryn in the Past”]“I really like it too, but I think it’d be impossible for me to keep up with with how frequently it comes out and how long each show is.”


Aheh… Well that didn’t go as planned. :sweat_smile:

(Also, I knew there was a gap between when I first started listening and when I joined the forum, but I forgot it was a full year! I believe the episode Mort first showed me was “How to Not Suck at Talking”.)

A year or so ago I came across your Tigris and Euphrates teach and play - someone had posted a link on BGG. I am pretty new to modern board games and this game blew my mind (I was ready!). I ordered it immediately. I liked the way you had done the video and watched it through twice in a row! That’s how I found your panel vids. That later lead me to your podcast where I was surprised by the number of things that you talk about that interest me - from board and video games to technology and even your political views.

YEARS ago, back when I was a painter and just out of school, I was looking for podcasts to relive the tedium, and being pretty into geeky shit, I just searched “Geek” on the itunes store, and subscribed to a few that caught my interest, including Geeknights. The podcast had barely started at that point, the lads were still in beacon, and it wasn’t a big task to go back and listen to every episode up to the current. Been listening ever since.

I found this podcast by it being mentioned on the Movies You Should See network, with a guest appearance one way or the other. The first episode I listened to they mentioned they the went to RIT, and I had been to RIT to perform at the college juggling festival a few years earlier, so felt I had some kind of connection. After catching up on all the previous episodes to that point (except the main bits of the anime episodes, which I still skip) I joined the forum.

In fact, I remember I only joined the forum after the Movies You Should See forum changed software, from Vanilla to something else, and the community changed so much that I didn’t like chatting there any more. Let’s see if the FRCF can avoid that!

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I found Geeknights through Ananth when he was writing Applegeeks, he mentioned it at some point or another. I listened to a few episodes, enjoyed the back-and-forth that Scott and Rym had, and subscribed. Years later, I’m still listening.

I had a PDA and an awesome Nokia auto slide phone but nothing to listen to on the commute to University, so looked for podcast feeds. Through communicating on the Comic Geek Speak podcast forums, I found a Scott Rubin promoting his podcast so I added Geeknights to my Google Reader feed and started listening and later started engaging on the forums.

I had to go back to the old forum to remember exactly how I found GeekNights. According to 2008 me, I found it from the promos they would give to other anime podcasts that I was listening to based on iTunes searches. I tried dozens of such podcasts back then, but only three ended up sticking: GeekNights, AWO, and Fast Karate. All of which I still listen to today.

Rym, you’re missing my option: I heard your promo on a podcast.


You forgot “witness of the birth”

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I saw the “How to Win Every Game” talk at PAX West a couple of years ago, and I really enjoyed the energy, the technical focus, and the sort of wry-but-sporting frankness of Rym and Scott’s interaction. Subbed to the podcast on my phone right after that talk and have been listening to GeekNights ever since.

Repeating what I said in the last thread: I’m here because of the Luke Crane interview.

I started going to conventions because of Retronauts. I kept going to conventions because of Geeknights.

I know Anthony because of Retronauts.

Many of the major events in the past 5 years of my life are directly attributable to two podcasts, half of which is a butterfly effect going back to a D&D game sometime in 2008-2009.

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My entire convention-going life and a significant number of my internet friends and acquaintances can be traced back to me being bored while cleaning my room one day in 2006 or 07.

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I found the podcast through Yahoo of all places. Yahoo had a Podcast directory to search through. I did a simple one word search for the word Geek and GeekNights popped up with four listings. Back then show had been out for a year or so. This had to have be around 2006 and I had over a years worth of backlog to listen through. Found the community from listening to Rym plug the forum on the podcast. Been enjoying being a part of the community ever since then.

Sweet! I still think about Robomiko/Anime Utahime every now and then, good times!

I found about GeekNights basically right as it began. I had no one to talk to about Ghost in the Shell, so I went and looked for anyone making a podcast episode about it, finding my way here in the process.

I discovered GeekNights when Pence took me to one of Rym and Scott’s panels at MAGFest 2013.

This was also before I started playing board games in any serious capacity, and that panel taught me that taking my turns quickly is the best way to get good at (and play more of) them.

Good job. I don’t recall even one time having to tell you to take your turn. Unlike SOME people.

Looking at you @Cremlian and @thewhaleshark


I’m way better at taking my turn than @Cremlian.

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