How did you find GeekNights?


I’m furniture as far as I can remember. Everything else, in terms of podcasts, that I know of from that era was through Geeknights. What brought me initially here’s a mystery at this point. In the same vein, to be fair, I also don’t remember when I actively followed most of the podcast. Cherry picking’s been a thing for too long.


I found GeekNights by searching for things about The Prince of Nothing/Aspect-Emperor books :slight_smile: none of my friends have read the books (and the ones who I leant them to failed to read them :stuck_out_tongue :stuck_out_tongue: ) so good to hear them being discussed - surely a full show dedicated to the series is due now it’s complete?? :slight_smile:


I found GN Several years ago via podcast promos and crossover guest appearances. I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about the show but it was either on Anime World Order, Fast Karate for the Gentleman, Greatest Movie Ever, or the Ninja Consultants podcasts. Been a fan ever since. Got to see Rym and Scott live once here in Seattle at PAX.


I was hanging out with Fast Karate last night =P


Those guys are ridiculously awesome. Still can’t get into watching “24”.


I need to hop back into the Fast Karate train, I thought they ended the podcast and stopped listening then.


Mysteriously found this card on the floor many years ago…


Haha, that’s my real card, as opposed to the generic GeekNights one! =P


My friend told me about this place. I like it, anyway.