Houses and Home Ownership


Also, remember to buy art that you love or that intrigues you. If you are buying a piece because “it goes with the drapes,” you are doing it wrong. I get so matchy-matchy about things that I have to step back and remind myself of this often.


Of this is a good advice. I see a lot of art I like, but don’t get it because it doesn’t “fit”. Also because I have no space left.


I love mismatching things. I believe that if I get enough mismatching things, they will match because I like them.


It is a racial stereotype and one borne somewhat out of oppression based poverty, but that mentality of “I like this, and I like this, so they go together” is called Irish Decorating. Maybe that is why I tend to get too matchy-matchy, to buck the stereotype.


Housing win: July 17th to August 17th saw us using -25 kWh. Last year in that timeframe, we used 1525 kWh. Solar panels ftw!

Housing fail: Woke up this morning to a ~65 F fridge. Pitched all the perishable things. Luckily @Nuri is an amazing partner who said “I’ll deal with it” and found a repair person.


My re-finance, including cashing out some of the equity to pay off my ex with her share of it, of my house has been approved.


The wood fence between me and the neighbor is leaning quite a bit. It will need replacing soon. The neighbors are renting so if I hope for them to pitch in the cost I will have to get hold of the landlord. Problem is the renters are kind of assholes. Won’t even say so much as a hello and have left there garbage in my portion property of back alley. Anyhow any of you had to replace a fence before? Did you do it yourself or have someone do it for you?


I dunno that having your fridge die is really a house fail. Most places I’ve rented, the fridge has been pretty shitty. At least the one we have now doesn’t have any other issues, like mildew or leaky seals.

And at least I have a job where I can say, “I’m working form home tomorrow,” and people just say okay.


I mean, that’s fair. I’m slightly lamenting the loss of tasty food.


I would have eaten it because I am a fearless and uncouth monster.


We kept most of it. Tossed a few partial containers of dairy and the meat we grilled last night. :confused: The rest wasn’t really temperature critical stuff, for the most part. It’ll just go bad faster if it’s not being chilled. We didn’t lose any unopened containers because I’ve been slacking on stocking up on groceries… yay!


Depending on the fence, it’s not too difficult just time consuming and monotonous. I’d recommend evaluating if you think you’ll actually finish once you start and decide from there. I’ve seen a fair amount of people stop in the middle and hire someone to finish.


DIY, if you can. It was simple enough to build it, but you may want to trick a friend or two to help you for the day. If you’re going wood, the literal most important part is to measure twice, cut once. You can also spend some amount extra to get a chain link roll if you don’t have the right tool set. Chain also has the added bonus of getting some nice ivy growth. Wood tends to be a craps shoot in that it might grow on the wrong side of the fence to face the sun.


Josh, there are a number of things you need to check. Do you already know whether the fence is yours or the neighbor’s, legally speaking? Whose property is it on? Does your municipality require a permit for a fence, or fence replacement? What are the zoning requirements for a fence, if there are any?

If you have significantly more time than money, DIY. If you have more money than time, hire someone else. If they’re relatively even, hire someone else (if they get materials at wholesale cost the price difference is probably worth it.) The biggest PITA is usually the post holes & footings, which may or may not need replacement. If the posts themselves are leaning, you probably need to put in new ones. Assuming you want a solid fence and not just a wire barrier, wooden stockade style is fairly cheap and easy to put up, but it will have to be replaced sooner than vinyl or other non-biodegradable materials. There are a lot of options for fencing and a lot of factors that go into making the choices.


Me and my wife have put an offer in on a house in the next neighbourhood over and they’ve just accepted it!

It’s a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with a big garden and decent sized kitchen. It has a log burner in the living room so we’ll have an actual fire to warm us in the winter. Best of all it will allow my wife to start up her own business to work as a childminder and get out of her existing dangerous job.


I’m attempting to buy in the Seattle area and I haven’t done much beyond select an agent and get pre approved but I’m already getting stressed out.


The fridge and double ovens that came with our house are from the 1974. No joke. The ovens don’t get up to full temperature and provide inconsistemt heat. The fridge, though it works, thows a lot of heat into the room and some of the drawers on the door are held together with duct tape. We will be replacing all three as soon as we finish work on the basement apartment and have renters.


Random homeowner updates:

-Used -31 kWh from August to September. Super stoked! Solar panels are fucking awesome.

-Today, @Nuri designed a firewood shed, and we constructed it from salvaged lumber that we happened to have. Should hold about 1.5 full cords of wood (that’s a lot of goddamn wood).

-I took the opportunity to clean out my shed from the top down, and going forward will be keeping it way cleaner. The first step: don’t store stuff that mice love in the shed. Equipment only.

-We’re actually making good progress now on all of our various projects. My biggest project is now splitting all this damn wood. Could rent a log splitter, but I’m enjoying the exercise and the time outside. Also, I get to use my axes!

-Fucked up the lawnmower by nailing a stump - which means I am now accelerating my plans to buy a riding mower.

It’s a trip, yo.


I mowed the lawn yesterday for the 157th time. Fuck lawns.


I wonder how much it would cost to replace my entire yard with gravel.