Houses and Home Ownership


Closing on Tuesday, which is awful for my work schedule because it is the day we are opening the new office that I will be managing.


Today was rough. Not only is it a chaotic time at my office because we are opening a new office and nothing has been on time or was prepared before my hiring, but house drama happened. The sellers agreed to address a few specific issues months ago. On our final walk through yesterday, it was clear not everything had been done, which resulted in us having to scramble to get an electrician and a contractor to get out to the house and get us quotes today so that we could request a cash credit from the sellers. There has been a ton of dropped balls by the sellers’ agent, which have resulted in major uncertainty as we head to closing. On top of that, my attorney’s office was supposed to call me Friday with the final closing cost amount. They didn’t. Despite them calling us today to.say they would get us that info this afternoon, they still failed to get us that info. It is all nerve wracking. Pregnancy hormones and having a rabbit run under my tire as I drove to work this morning aren’t helping the stress. ;_;


Well hopefully it will be done today and you can move on to enjoying your new home!


All the trains coming into the station at the same time.


I love my new home!


Probably once a week, I walk around and stare at everything and think to myself “it’s all mine.”

It’s a great feeling.


The day I moved into my new apartment I had a shower here for the first time. I almost cried. The shower was one of the best showers I’d ever had, with perfect water temperature and pressure and everything. And it was going to be my default shower from then on. That kind of realisation is pretty moving.


Yeah. Looking around this beautiful home and property and knowing that this will be where I raise my child fills me with joy and comfort. Thoughts like “I will rock my child in that corner by the window with the view of the rose garden,” “my child will climb, and likely fall out of, that tree,” or “four generations of our family sing carols around a piano that will go there.” But yeah, showers are great. :wink:

Seriously, though, a perfect shower enjoyed daily is bliss.


I hosed out the disgusting-ass brine tank from my water softener today.

Apparently, you’re supposed to do this annually, to keep your water fresh and clean and to keep the softener in peak condition. I learned this very recently.

I am confident that Former Owner did not learn this in the entire decade they occupied this place.

In other news, we need more bleach.



If Scott and I do that thing and buy a house upstate, we’ll have all the joys of renting AND the joys of owning… -_-


Oh, you two have a plan to buy a house upstate again?

Or is this more of a shit-talk level of idea?


Who are you kidding? You know you will pay people to take care of the house maintenance, and why wouldn’t you? You have the means and limited time as it is.


Yeah but you have to know it needs doing to pay somebody to do it.

Also… the entire reason we stopped renting (financials aside) is that the landlords were NOT doing the stuff they were supposed to be doing. You know, like fixing leaks and abating mold and not having a house that is literally sinking into the ground and crumbling.


Silly question, I am getting to the point in which the house is in order to host events but need things for people to sit at. Any advice on getting folding chairs/tables for entertainment purposes?


If you plan to play games on those tables, either get smooth tables or some table topper that will cover and even out the seam in the folding table. Otherwise, boardgames teeter and pieces move.


IKEA has some nice pieces.


Cheap and effective.


Homeowner protip; try not to get too carried away when decorating around a theme.


How does one live there without being constantly assaulted by splitting headaches? Just looking at those photos had my eyes screaming


It’s like a specific side of Tumblr spawned a house.