Houses and Home Ownership


My yard is 100% asphalt and concrete. It costs $1700+ per month.


My yard is Central Park. Also Prospect Park. Someone else mows it for me, and I share it with my neighbors.


My parents replaced our small back yard with pea gravel. The entire yard. ~$200 / 100 square feet. It ain’t cheap.


Soooooo going with my 40,000 square feet of yard, that’d be $80k.


$80k to never mow again?


For $80k I’m sure you can get a very very advanced robot lawnmower that will just take care of it.

For $80k you can also hire another human being with a riding mower who will probably be better than the robot (for now). That’s what my mom does.


Why even mow just let mother nature have her way. Let entropy reign. I know I would but I have stupid HOA to deal with.

  1. Never live somewhere with an HOA.
  2. Even if you don’t have an HOA, the town might come after you.
  3. Even if the town doesn’t come after you, the ticks might come after you.
  4. Move to the city.


I would literally rather live in my car than live somewhere with a HOA. Everyone I know who lives with one hates it because some power tripping asshole always uses it to inflate their proverbial dick.


I always put off mowing the lawn because my brain still says that it’s a multi hour chore when in reality it’s like 20 minutes. My main incentive to keep it trimmed is to reduce the frequency of people knocking on my door trying to get me to pay them to do it.

HOAs are pretty terrible. I’m under city regulations which are basically unenforced unless you are actively causing problems for people. By contrast, one of the neighboring towns has rules that are restrictive to the point that it can be difficult to navigate because everything looks the same. Like national chain businesses are forced to change the color of their signs to beige.


We live in one solely because passing up the deal on the house we have would have been crazy in Portland, OR. Luckily my wife and I are better at politicing than the head of our HOA so we always get what we want. It just takes time.


The fact that you have to politic at all is ludicrous to me. I don’t think it’s any of my neighbors’ business what color my house is or if my lamppost matches everyone else’s or if I want to put up Christmas lights or anything else on my property that I am paying a mortgage on. I had a woman burst into tears when I worked for Lowe’s because the HOA mandated a specific make and model of porch light they installed ten plus years ago that was out of production for several years. The HOA board would not budge and were going to sue her if she didn’t get that one. If that’s the kind of thing that happens in a HOA count me out.


In all honesty:

  1. My lawn looks shitty when it’s overgrown.
  2. Let things grow too far, and deep-rooted things might threaten the leechfield.
  3. Ticks.
  4. Ticks.
  5. Ticks.
  6. Excessively tall grass legit makes the lawn harder to navigate. We have gardens and such.

I don’t object to lawns in principle - I object to grass in practice.


I like mowing. :grinning:


Ok, I’m gonna go against the grain of the internet and this forum for a moment here.

Some HOAs exist just fine, are very reasonable and have very good reason to exist.

My caveat is that I acknowledge that there are definitely instances where they’re literally just grown-ass adults having power in a tiny domain and being little power trippers.

My home grown example. We live on a lake too large to be wholly owned by one house and is in-fact divided up more or less evenly among nine houses. When not tended to at all the lake does what many semi-stagnant* bodies of water do and becomes absolutely disgusting.

What you end up with is a collective action problem. It is better for all nine houses to create a pool of resources (munny) that are managed by all nine houses, they vote on an executive who actually does the day to day managing of the pool of monies, and is required to keep it completely transparent (he writes up a little report of all expenditures and amount in the account) And they have I think annual or bi-annual meetings to discuss possible high level strategies and whether contributions need to change in amount. It works just fine and it’s very very specific to the maintenance of the lake.

*It has 3 inlets and one outlet so it’s not completely stagnant but occasionally water levels drop causing all of the inlets to dry up and the waterfall becomes more of a trickle


House was to good of deal to pass up. It’s now worth at least 40 more than I paid for. Bought the place in 2009. Worst I’ve had to deal with from the HOA is a overgrown yard. They haven’t been anal about it either. Once it gets knee high I will get a post card reminder. And I don’t have ticks to deal with but plenty of spiders and the occasional chiggers. And I would love to move closer to the city. Soon as I pay off the house. I will rent it out. Hopefully.


See my father in law has to deal with the HOA that is supposed to be like that, it exists only to maintain the gravel road into the subdivision because the state doesn’t want to extend maintenance down it. It has a stupid speed limit of 17 mph because the HOA decided that 25 was causing undue wear on the road, when in fact the road was built wrong in the first place and incorrectly maintained afterward. Even though my father in law paid an engineer to inspect the road and draft a document to that effect, because he is disliked basically for not falling in line and also for being a liberal in a deeply red area, the HOA doesn’t listen and disregarded a professional’s opinion.


The key is to become the head of the HOA and make the other people jump thru your own ridiculous hoops.

Which sounds like grounds for some kind of awesome sim game


I could just imagine Scott somehow becoming the head of an HOA.

“This HOA is bullshit. I hereby as my first and final act dissolve this crap. I’m out.”


Nope, my HOA would have one rule. If anyone tries to tell anyone else in the neighborhood what they can do with, or on, their own property, then you lose your home. No assholes who are the type to run a normal HOA may live here.

It would also have one shared project. We would pool together and get ridiculously fast Internet for everybody.


Granted Rym, you pay a LOT of money for those yards :-p