Houses and Home Ownership


I :heart: reel mowers. The sound they make it so satisfying, but you got to keep them blades sharp.


Nothing sounds better than paying someone a fair wage to cut your lawn :slight_smile:


Nothing feels better than paying taxes to support a number of shared lawns provided to all. :wink:


The best tasting “lawns” are made of food.


Real talk: my riding mower is fun as fuck. It’s basically a go-kart and also spinning blades of death. It’s kinda hard to beat that.


Your mower obviously now needs to be studded with rusty spikes, adorned in mutilated skulls, outfitted with a quiver of exploding spears, and powered by a hopped up engine that breathes fire.

The grill needs a large welded together Baphomet bust so you can satisfy having a “goat” mow your lawn.


If my wife wouldn’t pretend to not know me if I did this, I would do this.


Oh, I think we can take a crack.


Pete, we need to have a serious talk about what constitutes a go-kart. There’s not much go in that kart.


I mean it’s hard to beat, the laying in a hammock, on a Saturday morning instead of mowing a useless lawn.


I want to do an engine swap to make it usefully go.

Help me George, you’re my only hope.


Fuck, ok. I’ll take a welding class this fall and then we’ll get this done over the winter.


My friend builds and competes in the New England lawnmower racing circuit and so if you guys need any suggestions or help, I have some direct sources.

These guys are pushing these things to the limit of what constitutes a lawnmower but the engine swaps should still apply.

Here’s his channel while I’m thinking about it:


You know what this means, my friend.


By my deeds I honor him!


So we’ve played Very Expensive Jenga, and I’ve spent the last week and a half trying to prep literally every room upstairs for painting. I’ve been removing a ton of molding because the carpets are going to be pulled to have the new floor put in. I’m still taping windows and cabinets, patching all the holes and nicks in walls, cabinets, and molding, sanding and wiping surfaces, removing faceplates and more.

What’s funny is that the painting will probably take a weekend or a few days at most. The prep is bananas.

The downstairs is about 90% compete. The floor just has a few spots to touch up, and there are some cosmetic things that need doing.

We’re just trying to get as much done as possible before school starts again.


0140 EDT

I’m awake…why am I awake? There’s heavy rain, but that wouldn’t normally wake me up, definitely not keep me up. I sense a disturbance in the house, something is not right. A sound is missing right now…THE SUMP PUMP!!! Go down to the basement, water everywhere. The one sump pump hadn’t failed, but for some reason the water was going around it and across the basement floor to the sump pump on the far side of the basement. That guy was pulling double duty keeping the basement wet, but unflooded.

I’m throwing in the towel here, I need a water management expert. There’s just too many things wrong with this basement. I want a time machine so I can go back in time and beat the person about the head that decided to dig out the crawl space. What a fucking stupid idea. Now I have to deal with a house that’s trying to be a boat.


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh why did we do this again?


Someone seems to have convinced us that home ownership was a sound investment. I think it was that fucker @cremlian. :stuck_out_tongue:


I blame that guy for so many things! :wink: