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But can it play Doom?


Four doors! It’s like you’ve leveled up in Adulthood!


Hey guys, I want to learn how to actually construct a building to code. Does anyone have a good resource for learning US building code?


I know some contractors - I can ask around.

Today’s exercise in bourgeois excess: I hired day laborers to work my land while I sit inside in luxury watching them toil.

I mean, the other option is doing a half-ass job of hanging my own gutters, so really everyone wins this way. Also, these new gutters look bangin’.


There is no US building code, there is state and Local Codes.


Look at it this way: you paid them a (hopefully fair) wage for their superior skill in hanging gutters.


My state building code seems to reference International Building Code. And my local building code just says follow the state code.


That does exist, however it’s not readily available. Talk to a contractor that works in fire prevention and they can point you to it.


Don’t expect getting the code to be easy. People who know it want to make money off that knowledge. There was a case recently somewhere (Texas?) where the building code was a trade secret and/or copyright of a particular company. Thus, the law was a secret to anyone who didn’t pay money. That’s obviously hella wrong. I think the good guys won in court, but I forget too many details to be able to search for it.

Your best bet for help is probably the actual library.


Or just Google.


Nice Googling skill.


Anyway, the 2 places I care about currently, VA and PA, seem to reference the IBC. So if I learn 2018 IBC, I should be good to build anything in either place.


You generally have to check what revision is being used by the local jurisdiction and any local amendments.