Houses and Home Ownership


Install a single fixed blade that you can spin up every week to mow it in one go!


Scythes are cool.


There’s also this pile, which is not in the woodshed yet:

And then probably another 1/2 cord or more of various branch-diameter stuff that I need to break down.

And then there are 4 trees that still need to be cut up.

The above picture is the wood from 1.5 trees.

All I know is that come apocalypse time, I’m going to very proficient with axes.


Why do you people persist in refusing to acknowledge that goats are browsers, not grazers? You want a grazer, get a sheep. You want a browser, get a goat or a firefox.


URemember when Rym said tabs in goat were stupid?


Also, goats are great at getting out of pens and doing a lot of damage very quickly. They are awesome creatures, but they will destroy almost anything they can get their mouths on.


Goats are what the what?



It literally never occurred to me the goats and sheep ate different things.


Mate a sheep and goat and get a geep. Browser and grazer in one.


Because I’m trying to spread war-flame. (;

(also goats were on my mind, because my coworker uses hers to clear out her poison ivy)


We have power back to the sunroom!

The electrician couldn’t figure out why we had an open neutral in that room. Couldn’t find a junction box or damaged wire that would lead to it. Did find a whole lot of Exciting wiring choices though, and fixed those.

He wound up running off of the neutral for another circuit, bypassing the damaged wire.

Choice quotes include:

“Huh. That’s new.”
“All 3 lights are on. I have no idea what that means.”

But the lights work again.


We took advantage of Black Friday and lots of credit card points and are getting all the appliances.

And I’m installing them.

Lord help us all.


LOL. You’ll do just fine. You’ve become quite handy relatively quickly. Give yourself some credit!

Also, hooray for having working kitchen appliances again!


Installing appliances is really easy compared to installing a floor. Just read the manual, and YouTube is your friend.


Yeah, he already has. :slight_smile:



Good luck! I hope you don’t discover too many Interesting Wiring Choices!


He removed the old double ovens the other day (after I She-Hulked off the doors in order to access the necessary screws) and the dishwasher this morning. Actually, the wiring and plumbing are excellent. :slight_smile:


The only dishwasher difficulty was that, instead of having a stainless steel flexible tube for the water input, the intake pipe was just sticking out out the floor directly connected to the washer. It was a tight squeeze and difficult to get the nut to loosen, but I got it.

Having the water on its own line isn’t typical, but it’s not a bad choice seeing as if there’s ever a problem with it, we can still use the sink without interruption. I also have a new intake hose that should allow easier hookup to the new washer.