Houses and Home Ownership


You didn’t answer my question.


Even if your HOA currently has a rule that you have to ask new people to join, or that you can opt-out, that rule itself can be changed. Today you might be able to opt-out, but tomorrow, maybe not?


The only good use of a HOA is to manage common space like a pool or such that is for some reason run by the development. Otherwise nothing good.

And I would only consider one that placed strict controls to prevent mission creep beyond a shared pool.


I’ll just salt the entire yard! It worked for that one patch of weeds!



If you’re leasing it I have to wonder if you’re liable to the HOA or just to the landlord. I haven’t gotten to that bit in my real estate class so I have no idea.


Our building is a condo and has an HOA. If it’s hidden in our rent I don’t know but we don’t pay HOA fees.


I have upped my lawncare game.


You now have achieved peak home owner.


Also: look at my wood.


My family had a cabin that was wood heated only at one point. We had an old shed where we dried out firewood. Definitely miss the smell of like an entire shed of drying cedar.


Electric, cordless pushmower forever! I sit on my ass too much at work as it is. :wink:


I’m still slightly regretting not spending the like $4k it costs to get that Husqvarna lawn robot:

But only slightly.


And here I thought I already saw all your wood.


I see nightmares of that thing running you down.



Manual pushmotor and goat forever.


I’m too mechanically adept to ever need to replace my 22" gas-powered push mower. They’d literally need to stop selling gasoline.


Buy a riding mower and slap a turbo on it.


My yard is literally too small for a riding mower.