Finished putting together the HG Gundam Ez8 and Prototype Gouf. I feel like such a kid playing with these.

Also, has anyone tried this Mobile Suit Skirmish game? It looks fun. I was thinking you might be able to incorporate it into a Mobile Suit Gundam tabletop RPG.


Not strictly gunpla, but if anyone’s looking for an interesting model to build, a friend of mine has two Iron Kong kits she’s looking to sell for a reasonable price. Certainly better than you’d find elsewhere.


It will probably get a lot easier to be a Gunpla enthusiast in the US in the near-sih future.


I and my ten unfinished MG kits will love this news.

(That said, I’d love to see some HG/MG/PG kits of some american properties. PG Batmobile anyone?)


The Bandai Star Wars model kits that have been coming out over the past two years or so have been fun to build and absolutely beautiful.


Are they actually good? I’ve been seeing and lusting after a few of them, but I didn’t know if they were Gunpla Good or Cash-In trash.


They’re excellent.

I’ve been slowly working on the TIE Interceptor model, but moving to a new house and other things have caused a temporary delay in me finishing it, but I’ve really enjoyed putting it together. For the most part, the models are snap-together, with glue usually not even required, although I use it sometimes for extra strength. The models come with both normal stickers and model decals, so you can choose which you want to use.

They’re honestly not that hard to build, definitely on the easier side of things, especially if you don’t paint any of the details, but once completed are right up there with any Gundam model in terms of quality and presentation. I enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby, so I’ve been painting in some of the fine details, adding some shading and depth, and if I’m feeling ambitious enough, I might even try my hand at some weathering details when I get to the Rebel Alliance models I have.

Overall, I love the entire line.


I had to wait a long time to get my hands on this bad boy.