Any other Gunpla builders on the forum? Figured we needed a thread to share builds and building techniques.

Just finished this 1/144 HG RX 78-1[N] Local Type


That’s a nice simple Gunpla there. I’ve never seen that one before.

Here’s some threads from the old forum:

I was recently building the RG Zeta Gundam, but I broke a piece that I can not repair with Tamiya Cement or with a pin. I failed on two tries. The piece is rather essential, too. I guess I have to buy the entire kit again? Do I have another option? I got discouraged and stopped working on it.


I don’t build Gundam models, but I recently found out that Bandai makes high quality Star Wars ships, and bought a 1/72 X-wing to build. Not quite the same thing, I know.


Do the s-foils move at least?

I like me an X-Wing perhaps even more than I like a Freedom Gundam, but the fun of building Gunpla is that they are so crazy articulate. Cars and ships are kinda boring in that regard compared to humanoid robots.


If the kit is an official BlueFin thne you can go to their site: and request a replacement part.

This came to my attention when one of the kits my girlfriend built fell and needed a replacement part, but it was imported by a third party so their was no recourse.


Nope, RG Zeta is not listed there. I think all the kits I have are imported. I started by buying legit Japnese kits at anime cons. Now I buy from Amazon, but if the one I want isn’t available on Amazon, I’ll go to hlj.


It sounds like it’s unlikely to be from BlueFin, in fact the one I got stuck with was also from Amazon, but double check the box for the bluefin sticker. Just cause it isn’t listed on the website doesn’t mean they didn’t distribute it at some point. You might get lucky.


I don’t think any model I have has a bluefin sticker on it. I have some models that are listed on their site, but the exact boxes that I have received were not distributed by them.


Yes, the S-foils open and close. Also, the base supporting column is articulated so you can position the ship at a different angle.

Bandai has a whole line of Star Wars ships. After I’m done with the X-Wing, and if it’s fun to build, I’ll probably get more.



I really wanted to get their snow speeder kit, but the build doesn’t look very involved and I’m not sure what I’d do with it when I’m done.


They are finally making Haro Gunpla!

RIP Bearguy


Weird coincidence that this thread was dug. Just now I finished building the model of the Thousand Sunny I bought in japan.


I’ve been getting back into Gunpla recently, and I put together the HG version of Unicorn Gundam. I haven’t really done anything with it, yet. I haven’t done any of the panel lining and I did a pretty poor job of cutting off the plastic nubs, but it still looks cool. I’m going to do the RG version of Unicorn next and put some more effort into it.

Does anyone know if any of the big conventions feature Gunpla or other plastic models?


I also made the HG Unicorn awhile ago, but my panel lining on it is way bad. If I line everything it looks messy and busy. If I don’t line enough it looks too bland. I’m never sure which lines to go over, and which ones to ignore.

Every anime convention I have been to has a at least a minor Gunpla presence, some more than others. AX I think has the most. I even saw someone at PAX carrying a model they bought in the expo hall. At NYCC I saw Bandai actually setup a Gunpla booth that was very impressive showing off new kits. I would guess it is at SDCC as well. There is also the Gunpla builders world cup if you are interested in a Gunpla-only event.


Found this pretty cool Nirvash from Eureka 7 model kit earlier today and put it together. It’s definitely going to need some painting done to it to look anything like the actual mech. What kind of paints do you guys use for this sort of thing? I’ve seen stuff online for those Gundam Markers, but I’ve also heard of people using spray paint or paint with brushes.


So I have here both a Handpainting guide and a Gunpla guide for really fancy build but time consuming that may be for competitions or a nice set piece on your shelf.




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