Haro is real and it lives on the ISS.

This will be a crossover of multiple Gundam continuities.

No confirmations of anything yet, I think that was just art.

What boggles the mind is that they are making a G-Reco movie. Who is asking for this?!

Yoshiyuki Tomino.

It is confirmed. They even had a livestream presenting it.

Nobody wants this G-Reco garbage. Stick to what works. Universal Century or bust. Cosmic Era was only good for one show.

Not only is G-Reco terrible and nobody cares about it, this means the Tekkadan Movie isn’t about the mobile armor war. That’s a double bummer.

Counterpoint: Future Century, aka G Gundam, is also good.


No, it is the opposite of good.

Sorry, but I have a bunch of science here, and it says punching + robots + yelling = awesome.


All Gundam shows have those three things. By your logic Gundam F91 is also good.

It’s gotta be in the right ratio. Peanut butter and chocolate are both awesome in a Reese’s cup, but you wouldn’t see me eating a bowl of peanut butter with a single chocolate chip in it.

If I had to rank Gundams I actually watched, enjoyed, and remembered

1 - 0080 War in the Pocket
2 - Gundam SEED
3 - …bunch of… various Gundams

99 - Gundam F91

You’re talking to someone who licks peanut butter off the knife.

Ya got me there. I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

You forgot 08 MS team Gundam being better than Seed :-p


I don’t remember 8th MS team much. I saw it once a long time ago.

you should rewatch it definitely is more of an old man Mecha show.


I second giving 08th MS Team another go. It’s definitely one of my favorites in the franchise.

G Gundam is Super Robot Fighting Tournament Anime wearing a Gundam suit. If you go in expecting a proper Gundam show you will be disappointed.

08th MS team would also be one of those series that I’d want in my collection.

Other Gundam’s I’d recommend:

Gundam Wing - A little dated in a lot of ways, but still a classic.
Gundam Unicorn - Modern addition to the UC
Gundam War in the Pocket and 8th MS team - Classics that hold up.
Gundam 00 - A nice palate cleanser after SEED destiny, sort of a “Proto-gundam”. The politics have more in common with Modern-Day Politics than traditional Federation (Ground) vs Zeon (Space) of the UC.
Gundam 0083 - If you want to see where the trend of “Gundam+Giant Starship frame” came from. You watch this more for the robots than the story.

Gundam I’m on the fence about:

Gundam IBO - Parts of the series sticks with you, but there is a lot of “Why did they do this?” moments. For every thoughtful commentary on child soldiers, there’s a “Is loving a 9-yro girl really wrong?”
Gundam SEED - It’s okay, and I like some of the Mech designs. The ending was kinda meh.
Gundam X - It’s an “off-brand” Gundam story, so you meet characters who are not-UC Gundam characters. It starts out very Mad Max-ish and builds its way back up to space. Saw it originally on bootlegs because it never got a proper sub/dub release. (I think that has changed in the intervening years, but I don’t have a desire to see it again.)

Gundam’s I want to see:

Gundam: Thunderbolt - Music-influenced Gundam in the vein of Cowboy Bebop but a lot bloodier.
Gundam Z, ZZ, and Victory - Mostly because they’ve been big chunks of the Gundam Franchise.

Gundam’s I’d advise skipping:

Gundam SEED Destiny - Obnoxious Characters and sort of dumps on what happened in SEED.

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