General Convention News

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Stay dead this time. Clearly there is no interest from the companies to participate, especially not the big ones. They are happier doing things like Nintendo Direct on their own schedule. And thanks to PAX there seems to be way less interest for attendees to go as well.

Believe it or not, no E3

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I have a tiny call-to-action at the end of this quickie I put together for Zenkaikon.

Penny Arcade guys recorded some video at E3 2000 edition, and found the footage. Tribes 2!

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Welp, Comic-Con is screwed this year.

The lack of conventions made the big entertainment companies realize the conventions don’t actually help their bottom line at all. They don’t need the conventions to get the word out. E3 is also not coming back, hopefully not ever.

SDCC at least, is too big to fail. Maybe if the industry pulls out of it even more it can revert to its roots of comicdom, and then I might go to it.

The only cons worthwhile are the ones that directly drive sales, solidify community around a company’s primary offerings, or have something special going on.

PAX has something special. (Who knows how long it can keep having it, but it’s had it this long). MAGFest has something special.

But the day of “the industry will throw money at all the big cons” is over.

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E3 is still dead…and I guess they’re trying to reinvent it somehow for 2025?



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We knew it already, but now it’s official. E3 is no more, forever.