General Convention News

To no surprise, Otakon 2020 canceled.

PopCultHQ has a frequently updated list of cancelled conventions, if you want to feel depressed.

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If you are an [E] don’t forget to do the thing.


Still skeptical, but I did the thing just in case the option was available.

Are you talking about the annual thing? I did it awhile ago. Or is there a different thing I missed?

Annual thing. 15 chars.

SDCC is going digital this year.

Gen Con 2020 has been cancelled for obvious reasons.

Hotel reservations are cancelled without penalty. The Organizers request 2020 badgeholders “roll forward” to 2021.

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ConnectiCon 2020 is cancelled after CT Governor’s announcements regarding “Phase 2” of reopening.

Another one bits the dust.

NYCC is clearly in danger of cancelling… There will be another spike in COVID-19 cases, for sure, and very few Television shows are filming right now, so the industry that NYCC is really about will have little to show.

On NYCC’s official and unofficial facebook stuff, people keep snidely pointing out the Javits Center was used as a field hospital, as if every surface will be crawling with COVID-19 in perpetuity and we’ll just have to demolish the damn thing and build a new one.

Speaking of Facebook, there’s a group called “Concellation”, which is basically a free-wheeling discussion group meant for con-goers without any conventions to attend. People commiserate over canceled events, promote whatever digital events they’re “attending” and all that, with frequent nerd discussion and corny references. There are affiliated groups for virtual “Dealer’s Room” and “Artist Alley” so exhibitors can self-promote. I’m sure there are many groups like this by this point.

DOWN goes TwitchCon

Trajectory is definitely looking like no cons in 2020.

We’ll see how the first part of 2021 goes. I don’t think the odds of MAGFest or PAX East are good based on certain (red) states re-opening early.

You have no idea how many people are trying to figure out the answer to that exact question right now within MAGFest. There are multiple task forces coordinating plans for every possible situation at the moment.


Odds are if it actually happens in National Harbor, we may skip it regardless.

BGGCon goes online with the rest of 'em.

Tough choice to post this here or the KPop thread.

KCon obviously didn’t happen this year, so they had a digital KCON:TACT. It made bank. They had a YouTube channel that cost money. They also let you have a brief period of conversation with your fav idols, with a translator, via video chat, if you paid enough money.

San Diego Comic-Con doing this with US celebrities, can you imagine it?

I imagine people paying $500 to be able to say anything they want to Val Kilmer in a Discord.

More details to come