GeekNights Wednesday - Twitter Comics

Tonight on GeekNights, rather than talking about traditional webcomics, we consider the ones we stumble upon ad hoc in our social media feeds. Things like False Knees or webcomicname. Hit up the GeekNights Forum to see the list, and also to share the ones we forgot to mention!

In the news, Conan the Barbarian is now an Avenger, returned to Marvel, fought Wolverine that one time, and is available again! Also, watch out for these so-called "Vic" fans: they're basically gomergate all over again. We hope to see you at both Zenkaikon and PAX East!

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Oh no -

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Strange Planet -

Awkward Yeti -

War and Peas -

Poorly Drawn Lines -

Extra Fabulous Comics -

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Be Everything at Once -

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Nancy -

False Knees -

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Sarah’s Scribbles -
Jess Bradley -
Hey Luchie -

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OMG How could I forget Sarah’s Scribbles. The other two are new to me.

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Omake Theater -

Only now looking at the twitter account did I realise that “Strange Planet” is created by the same person who did the Instagram Stories Pigeons in New York videos:

Two observations.

  1. From the podcast, this list seems to be the “social anxiety situations” comic collection.

  2. I kept showing these to my girlfriend, who kept saying "Yeah, I’ve seen that one… and that one… and that one. Turns out, if you follow the comicstrip hashtag on Instagram you get to see all these kind of things without curating your own list.

I don’t understand the appeal of comics like this, or things like Bojak Horseman. I have enough of my own anxiety, social and otherwise, to have any desire to experience someone else’s second hand, much less find humor in it.

Doodle for Food


The appeal is that there are other people who have nearly the exact same experience as you, and you can find some comfort/joy/solace/etc. in your shared humanity via humor and art.

I guess that works for some people but for me it’s just uncomfortable and makes it worse. I don’t want to consume media that makes me feel bad, as I said I have enough of it in real life.

Rae The Doe

I noticed this as well. Are there any good adventure or sci-fi webcomics on Twitter?

Not that I know of. The social media format lends itself to 4 panel jokes, like were in the newspapers of yore. The long form adventures you will find in the comic book store.

I think the Strange Planet aliens are roleplaying humans.

There’s a few in Japanese that I know of, like Tomo-Chan is a Girl, but that’s more slice-of-life.

I’ve actually been reading that in Japanese. Didn’t know they were posting that on Twitter.