GeekNights Wednesday - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Holy shit it’s perfect.


Boiling water would be 256 Celsius though, which kind of defeats the point to an extent…

Still, it doesn’t take that much in the way of mental gymnastics to come up with a “clothing scale” for Celsius:

  • 40 Fucking hot
  • 30 Hot summer day
  • 20 Room temp
  • 10 Jeans and light jacket
  • 0 Winter coat
  • -10 Fucking cold


I think it’s kinda cool for boiling to be 2^8, but valid criticism yes.


Regular Fahrenheit, but in hexadecimal. Freezing is 20°. Boiling point is D4°.


Yeah but it’s offset, negative on one side and an arbitrary seeming 40 on the other. Farenheit is a much more elegant scale. In the temperature range in the situation where it is most useful (measuring human comfort) is +50 on the fucking hot side and -50 on the fucking cold side from a center line of 50. It’s round, even, and divided into a logical and easy to understand 0-100. If I asked my four year old nephew to tell me how hot it was on a summer day he’d probably say “It’s a hundred degrees Uncle Marmot!” not, “It’s 35 degrees.”


Well, 50 Celsius is 122 Farenheight, so it goes from “fucking hot” to “really fucking hot” and approaches the all time record highest temp.

So I could also argue that Celsius literally goes from freezing cold at 0 to “record setting hot” at 50 and then literally “boiling hot” at 100 too.

It’s all arbitrary and we can all slice and dice it anyway we want.

It all comes down to what you’re used to based on what you were brought up with. Heck, growing up in the US, I also find Fahrenheit more intuitive because it was what I was raised with, but you’ll find people who grew up on Celsius who find it more intuitive for the same reason.

I’ve heard the argument that for Celsius, for every 10 degrees the temperature goes up you take off a layer of clothes and vice versa. That does provide a nice, easy, rule of thumb as well.

The silly thing is that, by law, all the US customary units are defined by their metric conversions. So Celsius is technically the official, legal temperature scale in the US, and Fahrenheit is only used out of convenience.


We should just go to the Geeknights scale of “WOMAN!” to “Warrm today…”


And, along with inches, feet, miles, acres, and pounds, will continue to be used in America out of convenience as long as any of us still live. I don’t think I will ever see a day where American road signs are in kilometers/hour.


You sometimes see them up near the Canadian border, but as far as nation-wide, yeah, that went the way of the dodo back in the 70’s and early 80’s.

Funny thing is we do sell soda by the liter, at least…


The existence of the 2L on the same shelf as the 12oz and the 20oz always seemed weird to me.

Milk is by the quart, pint, or gallon, but soda/pop is by the 12oz/20oz/2L.


We also label the metric values on those same products, even if it’s in the “fine print,” so to speak. But it’s there if you look for it.



Bye bye, Vic.


RE: US voice actors - I can think of a few dub voice actors I’d be excited to meet, most of them just because they’re either vaugely in my circles, or just seem like cool people(Like Crispin Freeman), rather than specifically for their work. The only one who is specifically anime, active enough today that he’s on the con circuit, and doesn’t fall in that Category, is that there’s one current Voice actor from Texas who, no joke, has the same name, build, and height as me, and he’s the same age(well, within a few months), and I just think it would be fun as hell to meet the guy.


Took fucking long enough. I was hearing stories back in '06 about this kinda shit.


Yeah in like 2006 Vic Mignogna was drunk at Animazement and was peeing in the men’s room late at night, and my friend was in there and said “Oh hey it’s Vic Mignogna.” And he turned around from the urinal saying “Oh hey what’s up?” but he was so drunk his junk was still out, still peeing, and peed on my friend. Not saying that’s on par with being a sex creeper but it’s just more of yeah that guy is a shithead.


I mean, I was thinkingmore of his reputation with young ladies, but that’s fuckin hilarious.


Yeah I made the edit saying as much. Just more general jackassery that fits with the kind of guy who creeps on women.


Yeah, I know a several class acts.

The creepy ones are the ones who milk that teen fame a little too much. The cons have been rewarding that behavior for years in a messed up feedback loop of screeching teen fans. Big enough to fill any panel room, not big enough to fill a main theater, and just assumed to be necessary for the con.

I’ve seen more bad behavior than good among the “ultra popular” male VAs at cons.

The women have never been a problem, nor have the Japanese VAs.


IIRC there was a threat of leg peeing, and our mutual smart ass friend said he would bring some waders next time specifically to accost Vic at a urinal. To my knowledge that followup never happened but I could be wrong.