GeekNights Tuesday - Roll and Writes


Yeah fuck the senior citizen for holding up the line, I’m trying to get the hell home. Being mad about Diablo doesn’t inconvenience anyone other than a day of dipped stocks which is whatever.


You get nothing out of sharing your passion with others? Particularly those who share your passion?


I don’t have any disagreements with the level of passion or fandom. The presented analogy is not analogous.

If Zep were getting back together in the broader context of a fan convention, and the convention issued a press release that the members of Zep were going to be featured guests, but in no uncertain terms not to expect any new material, but people got way hype for new material anyway, and then got incredibly upset when they didn’t play new material at the concert scheduled on the second day of the fan convention you’ve been enjoying… that’s a step in the right direction?

Can’t speak for Scott. He’s sometimes a wet blanket.


That’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard from you.


Conversation about personal taste:

Person A: “I like Diablo.”

Person B: “Cool, me too.”

Person C: “Not me.”

Person A: “Welp, people like what they like. Nothing to argue about here.”

Conversation about actual properties of things:

Person A: “Diablo is a meaningless braindead game where all you do is click repeatedly and watch numbers go up. It also has a highly optimized random reward schedule like a slot machine to psychologically trap people into spending maximum time and money on it.”

Person B: “Ah, but there is some value in playing Diablo. It has a great characters and story that unfold. It’s not a complete waste of time.”

Person C: “Well, is even the greatest story worth spending 20 hours grinding? You could just watch it on Youtube.”

You can see one of these conversations is worth having, and the other is pointless.


I don’t think they did. This is just like those Steven Universe fans who are furious that certain characters didn’t turn out the way they imagined in their head. They were SO SURE because of all the foreshadowing they imagined.


How so? I frequently recognize things as good that I personally hate, such as the game of Go. I frequently recognize things as shit that I fucking love, like the anime Yowapedal. I don’t see other people doing this very often.

Most people don’t even seem capable of separating these ideas. They just think that if they like it, that means it’s good and if they don’t like it, that means it’s bad.


So person A and B don’t ask “Hey why don’t you like it?” and just walk away? Most people don’t just go “K bye.” like antisocial jerks.


You do realize that this conversation is not an objective analysis of Diablo. It’s a subjective analysis.


There is no why you like something. You just do. Why do you love who you love?


I expect most people who aren’t friends to do exactly that. “OK” and leave it be. That’s the normal interaction.


Diablo being mathematically indistinguishable from a slot machine is an objective fact.


I like the story because XYZ, I like these characters because ABC. I like gameplay in this game because it’s exciting in this way but could be improved that way. What do you think? You talk about why you like games and other media with Rym all the time on the show.


Meh, that’s some weak-sauce argument. I don’t buy it.


True, but that’s literally the only objective part of that entire conversation. The entire rest of it is just three people giving their opinions.


If you are conversing in a context where you are talking about hobbies and likes and dislikes about media no that’s not a normal conversation.


How is it different? Clicking on a bad guy is the same as spinning the wheels. The loot that comes out is the prize. Diablo has other things going on besides clicking on bad guys, that is true. But this one basic interaction accounts for at least 90% of the game.


Forget the Scott argument. You know where that road goes.


Focus on the important part. People who paid money to fly to a convention and are mad that a company announced something they didn’t like but which doesn’t in any other way affect them or the things they do like.


They were justfiably upset but the reaction was orders of magnitude over the top.


Exactly (for the second time).

No one here is arguing that the level of backlash against Blizzard is justified.

We’re arguing that some anger is understandable from the fans’ perspective given who they are and the venue in which the announcement was made.

Again, if Blizzard had released news about the mobile game a day after BlizzCon, this reaction wouldn’t have happened.