GeekNights Tuesday - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds). We're having a lot of fun with it. In the news, Mario Tennis Aces has serious problems and also already required significant balance changes to avoid the modern equivalent of snaking, Jackbox Party Pack 5 is coming, the Overwatch League playoffs were on Disney XD with a surprisingly large audience, and the Trogdor game is beautiful but probably not worth playing.

See us live at PAX West, either in person or on Twitch! We reviewed all of the Summer Anime 2018 with another Judge Anime by its Cover!

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Give us the full res version of that thumbnail, you cowards!


The bike jump from the point of view of the rider:

Rym, it’s okay to play naked, but at least keep your utility belt. It allows you to pick up more gear at the start, before you get a backpack or vest.

Good lord I never realized this. I usually found backpacks immediately and assumed it was cosmetic!

@SkeleRym when you get enough BP, even though you hate microtransactions you should make an exception to change your PUBG name to NakedRym, and when you get a chicken dinner we can cut together a montage to the Metal Gear Solid theme.

They never tell you ANYWHERE, but it’s true - The regular carrying capacity is 20 points. Utility belt adds 50, any vest adds 50, and backpacks add 170 to 220 depending on level. What exactly a point is worth, god only knows, I can’t seem to find anyone who has conclusively figured that out.

Next you’re going to tell me that a brim on my hat improves my aim when I’m facing the sun.

But that would be more military fanboyism!

Well, it IS based on an ARMA mod. Also what Rym’s suggesting is literally true in the ARMA mod version - sunglasses and hats make it easier to aim in direct sunlight.

I know I’m just taking the piss from @Apreche :slight_smile:

I don’t need to simulate the real world. I have the real world for that. The real world is the opposite of enjoyable.

You know, in the real world, guns can jam. Does that happen in PUBG? No. No it does not. Every gun is somehow in perfect working condition at all times. They don’t make you take apart the guns to clean and repair them. Of course, some military otaku are going to say they want that, but I think most PUBG players would be unhappy if that was part of the game. The reason they want guns to unrealistically work perfectly every time is the same reason I want guns to unrealistically work the way they do in Counter-Strike.

Dude dude I was just joking I get it its not for everyone, for a lot of people even PUBG is too much. Personally while I do like heavy sims like ARMA, I think PUBG strikes a good balance between that super nitty-gritty level sim and an action shooter.

In the course of a ~20 minute battle, you wouldn’t take apart or clean a gun. We can assume from the fiction that the guns are placed by hand by whoever is making us fight, and are all in top condition.

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That was the goal of ARMA, and I found it basically unplayable as a result.

Back at RIT I roomed with a guy who played ARMA 2 very regularly. He spent a lot of time trying to get me to play, and every now and then I’d take him up and play a bit. Thing was just… like annoying to play. Too much similarity to the real world. 100% agree with Scott.

Such a nice person. If I was running a Battle Royale or a Hunger Games I would definitely put all kinds of broken guns out there. Hell, I would hardly put any complete guns at all. Oh, look, you found just a barrel. Congratulations. Now find the rest, or maybe just try to bludgeon someone with it.

Also, I would at least be putting some RPGs and C4 out there. As PUBG is now, it is not very entertaining for the fictional spectators watching at home.

So, you want Fortnite?

You can generally assume a rifle, from clean, will fire at minimum 500-1000 rounds before it gets dirty enough to even think about malfunctioning. I think it’s a rare game and a hell of a firefight that you’d even get through 500 rounds on any one gun. Even ARs with their dumb as pigshit design should be able to do that much.