GeekNights Tuesday - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Tonight on GeekNights, we confirm that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is legit. In other news, TumbleSeed is really hard, Uniqlo's Nintendo shirts are off the hook, and esports journalism has a long way to go...

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I need more Ludacris free styling children’s books in my life.

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I hadn’t played the Wii U version at all so this is all new to me (apart from the tracks that aren’t).

A chap in the Facebook group of another podcast I listen to is running a weekly time trial challenge. We kicked things off last week with the Mario Circuit (GBA) course, this week we’re doing Bowser’s Castle from the Special Cup. It has been a lot of fun so far with people uploading their ghosts, experimenting with loadouts and battling over tiny fractions of a second.

I love ghosts and time trials. You can now just download the top players ghost from within the game. You will have a very hard time copying it. Even if you do, good luck shaving time off of it

Double Dash had the best battle mode, I played the shit out of that with my siblings and we had enough computers to play FPS’ and the like.

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I played Double Dash, but not the battle mode. The main flaw of Double Dash it that you need many GameCubes with LAN adapters to get the full experience. That’s a lot harder to come by than a GameCube and 4 GBAs for Crystal Chronicles.

Hey conventions. Setup a 16P Double Dash in your console freeplay zones! Looking at you MAGFest.

We had a guy who did that a few years ago, sadly MAGFest did not give me enough support and he no longer does this.

When you look at the downloadable ghosts your friends’ times are highlighted orange which is pretty cool. I’ve looked at some of those top times, mostly they just make me go o.O .

A) PAX Unplugged will sell out

B) Wireless connectivity may be shit for Nintendo handhelds, but their Wii U online multiplayer turned out to be quite strong. I had a long run of playing pickup Mario Kart 8 matches online. It just dumps you into a full race with similarly-experienced racers.

It also had a neat course selection thing where 4 courses would be eligible, each racer got to publicly select their preferred course, and then the system randomly selected one player’s vote. Every now and then that course that only 1 racer wants to play would get picked. But rarely. Just enough to keep it fresh.

I really enjoyed playing 1 or 2 quick competitive races and being able to drop out after any one course. No forced Cup structure or anything of the sort. Great pickup multiplayer. And no voice chat was nice.

I’ve so far had better success with wireless on Switch than Wii U. But Wii U wasn’t super bad, the only time I had trouble was when Splatoon initial launch. When I came back to it later it was fine. But I don’t know if it was my setup or if it was maybe something they had to optimize out.

My only consideration is which Unplugged will sell out IMMEDIATELY like West does :wink:

Ugh. Not sure if I can go.

Immediate? Yeah that’ll be quite some time, if ever. Con will just keep growing until it outgrows demand. I don’t know if you could ever expect West/East hysteria for a tabletop-only con, even if it comes to match them in size.

Haven’t listened to the episode, but I thought it would be really cool to get some online play together like how we do Overwatch. However, I read online that it’s not as easy to do but later on when paid online services are offered by Nintendo, it should be? :confused: shrugs

I just want to see how well I do on vs. friends instead of vs. online randos.

They’re rolling out their online service I think very close to when Splatoon 2 comes out. I don’t know if it’s been specified what features it will have available at launch. Then I think close to the holidays it will convert to paid.

Consider that I don’t even pay for Steam, the Nintendo online service has to work miracles for me to pay even $1 for it.

It should be fairly easy to just set up a private GeekNights tournament on here. Just share the code, and everyone can hop into the same room for continuous racing.

Want to do this tonight???

Yes. Let’s do this.

Characters yadda yadda

Let me setup some stream action and eat, and then we can do dis.