GeekNights Tuesday - Baba is You

Tonight on GeekNights, we return from PAX East to review the phenomenal and groundbreaking Baba is You. This game is a must-buy, and is one of the greatest push-puzzle games ever made. In the news, Borderlands 3 cometh, you can get a year of Nintendo Online for free, Crown of Emara is a stand-out game, Smartphone Inc was played incorrectly by a lot of people, and Yu-Gi-Oh has banished players to the Shower Realm.

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Hopefully the reprint comes with better rules.

Hey Scott…Nintendo Eshop/Steam: You know the Switch is already hacked right? My friend has a 400gb SD and about 50 games.

Sure, you won’t be able to ‘legally’ download your Switch games in 15 years (I assume) but you sure as hell will be able to ‘play’ every single game in 15 years, you can already. Now.

Just like the DS + R4.

So… Does it matter if you buy it on Switch or Steam? Assuming it’s the same price, you will be able to play on both systems in 15 years.

And playing on a nice shiny portable Switch surely is better suited to some games, perhaps even Baba. If you are choosing Steam for ANOTHER reason, then sure. But don’t say because you won’t be able to play it on Switch in 15 years. Because you can, You can play every game, it’s all over.

Try again next system Nintendo.

I don’t trust that shit. The DS/R4 situation was as simple as putting in a cartridge. Didn’t have to modify the DS or risk bricking it.

If something happens to your Switch down the line when the Switch online services are all turned off, you are boned. Meanwhile Steam is extremely likely to still be online. New PC, redownload everything no problem.

Well… I mean, I can buy a DS lite + R4 today and set it up easy peasy.

Is it so hard to imagine that in 15 (or even 5 years) a similar solution to Switch will exist? A Joycon that slides in with the correct pins hacked already (which is essentially all you are doing).

Anyway, you may not be able to play your Switch games in 15 years, but I will.

!reminder 15 years.

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That’s an Ig Nobel post. First I laughed, then thought, “are there any services that promise to be around and delivering messages in $LARGE_NUMBER of years?”

Took me a minute to realize this was about Smartphone Inc and not Baba Is You

Well the Switch version of Baba Is You just got the update that changed some of the more unintuitive puzzles…

I really don’t see the problem with $20 for a whole year of Nintendo online, but I’m also the kind of person more than willing to pay $20 a month to play an MMO almost entirely to have a social and roleplay space where I can dress up my character and decorate their house. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Jeremy and I watched the BL3 panel on YT.

It was fine. I think people got a free code for the GOTY upgrade edition, but pretty much anyone at that panel has copies of the previous versions and probably would have bought the new release anyways.

I have much excitement about BL3 and the new angle: Amara. STUD MELEE QUEEN.

Ground Floor vs Ground Breaking

So much shade. Respect and can appreciate it.

We had a ton of complaints about the event from people who were in the room. Maybe it was better on stream for some reason?

Yeah. It appeared that there were some minor video issues, but it got solved w/in a few minutes. But they did play a lot of stuff there were involved with that was NON Borderlands so I can see how some people would be annoyed to have waited in a stupid long line to go see stuff not related to what they wanted to see.

Gearbox could have EASILY showed the trailer then talked about the new character/classes , gun mods, all the stuff, but they wanted to shout out their side projects which was cool.

I know Will had some issues, but he’s not a huge fan of Gearbox/Pitchford anyway, so that might’ve colored his perception.

I feel very confident that Smartphone Inc is going to work out with the “this is groundbreaking” rules reading. The current release is an import. The North American version is being Kickstarted this summer, and is hopefully clarified.

I am confident that fixed rules will result in a non-broken game. I still need to be convinced it results in a good game.

Did programmers make this game or what?

Not rock is push. WOW

Was listening and Rym describing the dumb way to pronounce Sigil reminded me of the dumb way to pronounce Wacom.

I actually have an anecdote of a situation where the BO-ban could be problematic for legit, medical reasons.

I used to work in community mental health at a group home for people with severe mental illnesses. One of the clients I encountered had schizophrenia and his antipsychotic medications made him incontinent. A lot of my clients also really enjoyed CCGs. If this particular client had even had the foresight to bring proof of his condition, disclosing schizophrenia could be problematic for a number of reasons.

I think, overall, that this updated rule is good. Just wanted to contribute a very real, if relatively uncommon, situation that could be problematic.