GeekNights Tuesday - Auto Chess

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the new hotness, a Dota2 mod called Auto Chess. It's buggy, weird, utterly novel, and definitely worth trying, continuing the long tradition of mods becoming transformational to PC gaming. In the news, Baba Is You finally arrives, Nvidia drops 3D Vision support, you can use Twitter to track Nvidia driver updates, and Rym has some Wargroove final thoughts.

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So @pence, this is just Millenium Blades: The Video game, right?

I friggin love Millenium Blades. Now I’m interested.

I like that Rym thought that he had to explain what “Hooked on a Feeling” was, as though that song wasn’t a focal part of one of the biggest Marvel movies just a few years ago.

I think Old Man Rym is losing touch with popular geek culture. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ask random kids about that song or that band, and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. Play the song, and they know exactly what it is. But they don’t know what it’s called, who sang it, etc… It’s just a movie soundtrack song.

Remember the next bookclub book is NineFox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee.


I just finished that and the Raven Stratagem!

I think you underestimate the power of Guardians of the Galaxy. Random Kids are exactly the people who’ve watched it a billion times and know it by heart these days. I have 4 nephews <12 who request that song by name thanks to the movie.

Yeah people definitely know that song by name. I mean if you want to listen to the soundtrack for the movie it shows you track info.

I predict 90% of people who read that book will hate it. Or more likely, will simply give up.

But it is the perfect book for Rym. I loved it. My book of the year two years ago.

Rym and Scott would probably like it. I agree. But yeah, I still shudder when I think about my read-through. I had to FORCE myself to continue, not because I didn’t like it, but because so much of the language and concepts only make sense once you experience them later in the story. It’s a big ask, but yes, if you persevere, it is quite rewarding.

Uh, The Prince of Nothing is like, one of our favs. Have you looked its glossary? What did you SEE???

I saw unwashed anuses.

Ha, but seriously, Iv’e read Prince of Nothing… Its great. But it’s also relatively easy to follow. Bad dudes have scary names and do bad things. the story flows.

I’m just saying… Ninefox is different to any other book I’ve read before. It’s a unique experience. It’s… full on.

Again, I’m unsure why you think this is a bad recommendation for Rym and Scott?

Because it’s a recommendation for all Geeknights listeners - the book club. And… I’m just not sure how accessable it
is for most readers. But in saying that, if any audience could handle it, it would be this one.

Go ahead, try to read it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It just takes a while to get used to the linear algebra to correctly take advantage of the calendrical effects in kel formation for glory and victory. As simple as that! See you at high table!


As I continue to play Auto-chess, I find it is fatally flawed in one primary way.

Matches are long. Too long for how otherwise casual the game is. It’s fun, but at the end of ~40 minutes it wasn’t 40 minutes of fun.