GeekNights Thursday - James Bond

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider James Bond (in cinema). In the news, Rym is back from London, and New York has a lot of good options for connecting LGA to the rest of the city. Your regularly scheduled GeekNights should resume from this point forward!

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Bit of a cop-out show, but we are back baby!

I don’t care about the next James Bond
He kills for country, Queen and God
We don’t need another murderous toff
I’m just wondering where the high street’s gone
‘Cause I’m scum
I’m scum

No mention of recent efforts to Kill James Bond?

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No joke between 3rd and 5th grade I watched the entire cannon of James Bond at least 20 times. I bought the collection from Suncoast video in collection sets until I had the entire run.
I also was probably the one person who willing bought the TV special of Casino Royale in the 1950s and Never Say Never Again from the 1980s.

I think Thunderball and From Russia with Love were Bond’s best “spy” films before it went more into action.

Lazenby was supposed to have a longer Bond run but his agent told him to stop doing the films to prevent from being typecasted.

Die Another Day (the one Madonna did the song for) had an…interesting pre-production issue which they were dead wrong on. See this review for a good explanation of it.


Although my first Bond movie was “The Spy who Loved Me”, I’ve had a soft spot for the two Timothy Dalton movies. Mostly because until Daniel Craig, this was the closest film interpretation we got of the Bond from the Fleming books.

A quick aside here, Brosnan was the second choice to replace Roger Moore, but the rumors of him being cast as Bond caused NBC to enforce a renewal contract for the tv show he was currently doing.

Anyway, I think that is why Dalton is usually seen as one of the ‘lesser’ Bonds in the franchise. Arguably, Daniel Craig was helped by the Bourne movies that came out before “Casino Royale”.

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I highly recommend checking out Calvin Dyson’s YouTube channel. He talks about everything Bond–the movies, the books, the video games, the weird James Bond Jr. cartoon, and even the rare Casino Royale TV special (which predates Dr. No by eight years). Nothing Bond is out of his grasp.

Pretty sure my mom had a huge crush on Roger Moore and Sean Connery when I was a kid. Even at the time I thought it was odd that we were allowed to watch James Bond films when so many other movies were banned in our house due to sex and violence. 007 always got a pass.

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Bond songs! My favorite is Live and Let Die.


Ed actually fought and won one of these songwriting cases.

Skyfall had a very weak end, but the song was fantastic.

It might be my favorite bond opening song.

Casino Royale probably has my favorite opening sequence* though.

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You know how every movie just has whoever playing James Bond, without any explanation or real continuity.

Daniel Craig should star in the next James Bond movie.

I would love a Bond movie where one of the previous actors who played Bond is the villain that Bond has to stop. That kind of dovetails into the idea that the whole “James Bond” name is just a cover and a fake identity for whomever is the current 007. Obviously, that’s not cannon, but I wish it was.

How awesome would it be if one of the “previous” 007s was now working for SPECTRE or some other criminal organization, and the “current” 007 had to stop them? The closest we got to that was Javier Bardem in Skyfall, where it’s heavily implied that his character was a 00 before he was captured and tortured, and turned into a bad guy.

Depends how they play out the next movie.

Spoilers for the latest film

Considering Bond dies at the end of No time to die - I guess he found some time in his schedule, worked on his bullet journaling or something - and they are making another bond movie because they’ll never stop, it just remains to be seen if they keep it in that continuity, or if they do the usual thing and ignore it.

This isn’t too different from Goldeneye?

Considering what happened at the end of the last movie, I just assumed that they would reboot the franchise again with a new/younger Bond, which would be kind of a shame, because the supplementary cast around Bond is excellent in the current iteration.

Has there been any word on what they’re going to do with the next Bond film? Reboot or continuation?

Goldeneye is similar to Skyfall in that the villain was implied to be another 00 along with Bond, but he was definitely not actually “James Bond” or “007.” It would have been awesome if Trevelyan had actually been “James Bond,” and once it’s assumed he died, that Pierce Brosnan takes over the name and 007, but the Broccolis have been very clear and very explicit that “James Bond 007” is a specific individual and not a cover name or identity.

Nothing yet, we’re still in the “Speculate about who the next bond could be while nobody says anything” stage.

Yeah, like I said, it’s different, but not *that * different.

I guess this would have been a good show topic. What do you want to see from James Bond in the future?

For a specific story I think it would be cool to create a James Bond movie where James Bond is not the main character. Put the camera on someone else involved in the spy drama. But meanwhile, James Bond is there doing stuff. What does that mean for the other people that he is on the scene? You could highlight other character’s feelings about him much more. The frustration of the villains. The attraction of the lovers. The /shrug of the Felixes.

Also, goes without saying. James Bond is old enough that if we had sane IP laws, it would be public domain.

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Have you read the Gotham Central comic series written by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka? It’s a phenomenal series that focuses on the Gotham PD and all the crazy stuff they have to deal with, from villains like the Joker, to Batman swinging around causing problems in their day to day investigations.

What you described would be awesome, and really reminds me of Gotham Central, but instead of Batman being a background character that the Gotham cops have to deal with, the movie you’re talking about would be focused on the people in MI-6, and Bond would pop in and out, causing havoc that everyone would have to deal with.