GeekNights Thursday - Beds

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about beds (of which we ain't afraid). Not sleep: that's a topic for another time. Beds only. And Rym's amazing pillow. Also, laundry fires, ADA issues with UC Berkeley's public course material, a CC response to this, Rym's old Advance Wars test streams, and the Matrix reboot.

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Jeremy and I have been wanting a new bed forever. We saw this at Costco on sale for $500 in a big box.

Novaform 14" Comfort Grande Queen Memory Foam Mattress.

I love how it was rolled up in vacuum sealed pack. So far this mattress is wonderful. I’m still alternating with Scott’s past recommended Z malouf pillow, but I need a cooler case.

“I’m confident that if I get under your comforter it will be too hot.”


@SkeleRym Jesus fuck if it was constantly 76 in my house I would die. THE THERMOSTAT IS TOO DAMN HIGH.

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From my perspective, our lovely hosts are either both insane, or have magma rather than blood in their veins. They’ve stated multiple times throughout the years that they somehow ENJOY temperatures in the 90s Fahrenheit.

I start getting grumbly about the heat at about the moment the dial hits 70.

The actual ideal temperature isn’t a number measured in degrees, it’s being under a warm blanket in a cold room. All other temperatures are inferior. However a necessary precursor to being the best temperature is a cool or even cold ambient temperature.


76 degrees Fahrenheit = 24.444444444444 degrees Celsius. Sometimes I put the temperature that high, but not for when I’m sleeping.

I just measured my mattress, and it’s 200cm by 180cm. Wikipedia tells me that’s a “King” or a “Superking/Queen” or also known as “European King”. Whatever. It was totally worth the money, and when Juliane and I stay over at her parents’ place in her old bedroom, and sleep in the normal bed, which is only 140cm wide… it feels barbarically cramped.

We went to a memory foam mattress a couple of years ago. Best decision ever.

Water beds that ‘heal’

Agreed with the Queen size if you can fit it.
When I first got one I rapidly changed from vampire to star fish style.

I do agree with Scott on the hard bed and the bed being at a sitting height. Having to jump onto a bed seems a bit silly and if Rym’s justification is the extra room you get underneath, why not have it as close to the ceiling as possible to reclaim more floor space haha?

Although with the harder mattress I do add a memory foam mattress pad. I’m a down pillow kind of person I’m yet to experience a memory foam pillow I like.

Thread count is useless when you’re counting thousands, it’s just marketing, I think I have like 500 to 800 thread count sheets, I spent the same amount on sheets and pillows as I did on the mattress.

If you’re in Australia, Sheridan sheets and pillows are pretty quality and you can get them at discount during holiday sales.

A) How does Rym have that much chest hair and not have at least some of it collect in his navel? Or are we only considering actual fabric lint?

B) No discussion on Murphy beds!!! (unless I missed it?). A+ for touching on Magic Fingers though.

Murphy Beds are so before our time, that I would never think of them unless they were mentioned first.

The only thing you should know about them is that they are very dangerous and you should not sleep in one.

Back when I bought my bed I got a good quality latex mattress (image)
On top of fancy adjustable under-mattress frame (pic)

The problem was that adjustability of the board’s firmness in the middle. It took me weeks to find a setting that was comfortable. If I ever get another bed, I’ll get a simpler frame.

As for memory foam pillows, I have to agree they are incredible to sleep on.

A few years ago, we had to replace our mattress. I really wanted to avoid springs because they were a major source of discomfort in every mattress I had ever had. However, conventional foam mattresses are pretty terrible for the environment and super expensive.

In researching various companies, we came across Amerisleep, which eschews petroleum based materials for plant-based materials (soy oils specifically), cleaner manufacturing (details on their website and in various consumer review sites), and uses minimal packaging. Their mattresses also cost a heck of a lot less than Tempur-pedics and, based on reviews and now my personal experience, don’t get nearly at hot as other foam mattresses.

We bought a Queen sized “Revere” (the medium-firm option) on a deep discount (they do weekly/daily deals) and they included their box-spring for free, and we couldn’t be happier with the set The mattress came rolled up in a carboard tube and plastic that was easy to remove, the mattress didn’t require any de-gassing, and the box spring/base took minutes to assemble. The mattress still feels new and keeps us comfortable, which is a feat since Adam and I have different sleep styles and Adam has a dodgy back.

Trinity was my first cosplay.

We had twin extra long in college, and my parents had a California King for a while. I like King size, Phil sleeps like a vampire.

This one made me laugh to crying at two points: Sweater, Balls.

The accordion tubing is perfectly fine. It is inteneded to be routinely cleaned (I vaccuum it every 6 months) and replaced every couple of years.

We did get a new mattress, and it’s utterly fantastic. The Spartan.

It’s literally perfect and I am sleeping better than I’ve ever slept. I’m also much more able to sleep on my side, which I’ve never been able to do with anything but a deep pillowtop (and never on a futon or the like).

We bought it directly from a show-room, so I didn’t see any of the literature about it until I looked it up just now. The woo-woo FIR stuff is clearly woo-woo. But from the perspective of lying on a dozen mattresses in a showroom, it stood out as the most comfortable with only one other mattress even coming close.

So now it’s bed shopping time. I’m going to get rid of that old frame from the 20s.

I’m really looking for a minimalist bedframe. Along these lines if I can find an affordable one:


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…that looks like a needlessly expensive version of generic folding metal bed frames.

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