GeekNights Thursday - Beds

Was gonna say you could buy like half inch squared steel bars and hire someone to weld it.

I’d weld this project for free just for the practice. Hell I’d bring my machine to the site. So nobody had to lug the thing around. I have no doubt I could travel on the subway with my small MIG setup without any issues.

I think it sounds like a great excuse to buy a cheap welder and play around with it, but I have a basement :wink:

Heh my last place had a garage and like an acre of land, and a lake. My new place has a garden, but is also in the city. So what I lost in space I gained in all the city amenities.

I did the opposite. Switched an apartment with a 5 minute bike commute to a house with a garden and trees and a 15 minute car commute. Worth it since I really like having a garden and fruit trees, but I miss biking everywhere. Garden and city sounds nice, but those houses were a lot more expensive :frowning:

Most of the cheap ones I see have a lot more… stuff holding them together. They’re bulky or don’t have as much open space underneath.

Not married to this one. I’m not a fan of steel patina or open welds. That’s just the level of minimalism I’m looking for.

Can always grind the welds down and then prime and paint it to be more to your liking. Its not infeasible to suppose a metal shop could make the frame and you could basically get a flat bar on both ends of the interior with holes drilled so you can bolt in wood planks for the base. This is the kind of stuff I wanna get into now that I have a side yard and basement as work spaces but I need to find training. Goals for next summer is to build a cool tiki hut for my side yard.

Get some threaded water pipe and fittings. Get that industrial chic design.

That’s not a bad idea, but you still need to put a lot of wooden slats on top of that plumbing.

Mattress on the floor is the only true minimalist look.


If by minimalist you mean hopeless bachelor, then yes.


Why even have a house when the earth gave you perfectly servicable rocks and moss?


Do a rope or cable bed using that frame. Wooden slats are easier, sure, but easy mode is worth fewer points.

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Arched slats are nice, no idea if these specific ones are any good though.

Well, modern mattresses are designed to not need anything other than a simple platform. A lot of them are actually designed to sit on a floor or solid piece of wood. People are really into minimalism in beds these days.



Even Crate and Barrel is in on it. I kind of like the simple book case at the foot.

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Out of all the beds you’ve posted, I like this one the best so far. I hate the first one you posted, the bare metal frame. The wood makes the bed seem… softer… not in a physical sense, but in a welcoming/appealing sense.

Do not get a bed with a wooden shelf around the mattress! They look great but are super uncomfortable to get into and out of, and the wooden shelf adds zero functionality.


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