GeekNights Monday - Tech News Not-Roundup

Tonight on GeekNights, we don't do a tech news roundup, but we basically do a tech news roundup based on suggested topics from the listener. We will possibly alter the format of the Monday show, so let us know your thoughts. In the news, Intel Launches 8th Generation Core CPUs, back up your files, and IOS 11 has a cop mode.

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Things of the Day

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Might do a future episode on any of these:

Load Balancers

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I am getting a hunch that on potential tech topic Scott tends to take them at face value and not explore other deeper aspects that would make them unique. Case in point:

As for alternative Monday items I suggest music/live performance as one. Pick an artist that either of you enjoy and either deep dive into an album, explore their inspiration via the liner notes, talk concerts and what makes them nice, talk about shows you have seen and say if it’s worth it, or even make a ix tape and explore the dos and don’t for optimal road trip sound tracks.

Just a thought.

I don’t think or know about music enough to do this for even my most favorite albums and artists. Most music I listen to has no lyrics, or they are in another language. Even in English, I don’t think about the meaning of lyrics much at all. I don’t think I’ve ever read a liner note, nor would I even know where to find one. Does Spotify have them?

I’ve never made a mix tape. There are no rules for music in the car. You put on whatever you feel like at the moment. It’s no different than when you are out of the car.

I couldn’t do one episode let alone replace Monday with it.

So I’m the ‘that guy’ who submitted all the topics, I misunderstood what they were for. I thought you were compiling a list of things for many a future episode and actually racked my brains trying to come up with things to give ya. Apologies for being that creep.

In general the liner notes appear in the CD cover if you take it out and unfold it.

Most times it includes additional information about the song on a technical level but some add a little personal touch. Since fans are crazy most are online in sound lyric discussion websites. I don’t have Spotify but would think they would include that in their meta data.

Also Scott you have TONS to talk about with your kpop knowledge. Band in the news this week? Topic of a show to explain why it’s a big deal, link a few songs you enjoy from them, explain why and have Rym do something similar. Tada 20-30 minute discussion done.

I don’t know anything about music.

I like this song. It’s bangin! It makes my ass move involuntarily.

This song sucks. My ass does not respond to it.

That pretty much it.

If I can bullshit my way through a semester writing song reviews every week you can slog through an hour of talking about music.

Ok that’s fair, why not go the other route and do movie Mondays. Talk about a film you have recently seen and review how you liked it.

Are home desktop PCs really going to die off and be the purview of gamers and hobbyists? As a portable convenience phones and tablets are great but for writing and gaming or even Internet browsing beyond a quick lookup or reading an article I find it clunky and slow. I don’t get how regular non-nerd people can get by with a tablet or even a phone alone. Are regular people’s use cases so limited that the clunkiness doesn’t matter to them?

You were fine =P Scott takes undue umbrage with basically everything on twitter.

I appreciate you saying that, it’s just my goal to never be ‘that guy’ even to people who take undue umbrage with twitter things.

It’s true that repeatedly tweeting chains at people you’re a fan of can be a that-guy sign, but it requires a long history of doing so without any context coupled with several other concurrent that-guy signs. :wink:

Eh, text speech is so devoid of context in certain situations that it’s impossible to not be That Guy™ at least once, even Rym and Scott have had instances of going into that territory. Not that I’m saying they are That Guy™, but that their perception of any two people reading a post/tweet will never be the same.

In meatspace, it’s all about reading the situation and atmosphere and not being overwhelming, which sometimes takes practice if you’re like most people in my this forum that have very deep bands of interest.

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The main issue is simply tweeting too many times.

Every time you tweet @ someone that is a notification for them. So flooding notifications can be annoying.

Also even though we’re not actual celebrities, there is still this sort of fan relationship. If an actual celebrity tweets something, it’s kinda obsessive-fanish to reply a whole bunch. One is tasteful and appropriate. Two is maybe still OK. But a flood is like. Imagine if like Obama tweeted and I replied to the tweet like 20 times. Even if my tweets are way good, that’s still kinda awkward. Sort of like flooding the Twitch chat.

You’re, of course, right. I was treating twitter like a google doc, where it’s more cool to just keep adding things to a list. Twitter etiquette isn’t inherently obvious, thankfully mistakes need only be made once and never repeated.

If you want a guest to talk about Formula E, I know a fair bit about it and would be legit excited to talk to you about it on the podcast via skype.

Hmmm… This would be fun. It’s always been a pleasure to have you on.

Remind me in a month :wink:


Heh, you had exactly the same opinions on the future of the desktop as the gist of that article I suggested. It’s a bit long, but you should give it a read, it has some novel-ish ideas.