GeekNights Monday - Equifax and Apple

But would ever use your endoscope to peer into Scott’s/Rym spark-plug hole? :thinking:

You shouldn’t have sparks in that hole I knew of a kid in high school who tried to light his farts and was burned pretty badly.

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I have no idea how to respond to this.

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No worries I didn’t mean the literal kind. More like the ardent and fervent sparks.

Ohhhh Lord have mercy fans self

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“yes” or “no”

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Aha! I was waiting for Skope to add to this thread with a 100% negative everything-Apple-makes-and-does-is-shit post, and he didn’t disappoint!


That would coincide with someone opening up a credit card in my name.


Scott: You can look at your asshole…without using 5 mirrors.
Rym: It only takes me 2 mirrors tops.

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Two is not enough for me.

Idea: get a bunch of mirrors from a hall of mirrors at a fun house. Use it to make looking at my asshole very easy.

This would make a great art installation. We have the room which has the hall of mirrors. Make it a maze as well. Use a two way mirror set-up. So you can see one side of the room from the outside. And set up a kiosk that controls the endoscope. Scott, let us know when you have an opening in your schedule.

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What? How many mirrors does it take you?

Also having partners and camer phones can be helpful or so I’ve heard, you know, from a friend.

I mean, if you’re actually being serious, I don’t even need another person. I can just put my camera on a tripod, and connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable.

I could also connect to my camera with wifi. Then I can see what the camera sees on my phone or tablet screen.

But we’re in the business of making jokes about butts and mirrors. Not actually looking at butts.

There will come a time where you may have a health condition in a nether region to where you can’t see it physically that may require the assistance of someone else to look into it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are assuming there has not been such a time.


True. But just saying.

If this going to work you need a second person. Got to capture every minute detail. A few cheek spreading poses for good measure. Then you need a computer to generate the 3d image of your posterior. Then send the finished image to a commercial 3d printer service. Put the piece on display front and center in your home.


Toilet with carefully positioned mirrors so you can see every facet of your glorious self.

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