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Is magical drop 2 a good magical drop? I saw 2 on the eshop and I like matching puzzle games. I heard 5 was butts but I’ve never played any of them.


3 is the best one, but 2 is fine. I’m playing it. It’s better than not dropping any magic.


About 2 weeks ago I started playing Streets of Rouge and I really enjoyed it. I’d definitely give it a recommendation. The game I’m currently playing is Fire Pro Wrestling World on Steam. I am loving this game so far. I’ve been a fan of the Fire Pro series for a long while now and this might be the best version so far.

As much fun as the game is the icing on the cake is with Steam Workshop there are literally thousands of fan made characters waiting to be downloaded and added to your roster.

To be fair though I know that the Fire Pro gameplay isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There’s a learning curve and I don’t think the game goes out of it way to help you learn it. Yes, there’s a tutorial level but I feel like it only just scratches the surface, and people trying to create a character for the first could find themselves completely overwhelmed. There are options that even after playing the series for many years had to look up to see what they actually meant. But if you’re a fan of the series or a wrestling fan looking for a game different than what WWE offers once a year, check this one out.


I’m considering trying out PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, aka PUBG. Anyone here have anything to sway me either way?


It’s the first multiplayer shooter I’ve really gotten into since Counterstrike in college. It’s fun solo, but excels when you roll up in a squad with your friends. It brings back the same feels I got from Left4Dead, as far as shouting out when you find pills or weapon upgrades, diversifying who has what gun, and coordinating your movements.


Isn’t it supposed to be Battle Royale? Only one survives? Do you shoot your friends at the end?


There’s a teams mode where the whole team survives (as far as I can tell).


If you’re in squad mode it’s last squad surviving, instead of last man. And yes, it is basically Battle Royal.


If you play teams then your team’s if if you all survives, it also has battle Royal and sole survivor wins too.


Another thing I love about PUBG is that it’s not JUST who is the best at clicking on heads. If you’re great at head clicking, great those skills will transfer, but if you’re not you can still do well by planning your movements and getting good at deciding when and when not to take risks. My buddy and I won one game with only three kills between the two of us.


Did you use the Rym Smash Bros. strategy? If you aren’t aware, it means you are a coward and hide until everyone else kills each other. Then you come in at the end and you have only one opponent, and they have only one stock left.


I mean that’s a pretty winning strategy… if you’re playing with a bunch of people. Not really viable in a 1v1.


Not really/sort of, the game keeps you from camping/hiding for any real amount of time. A couple minutes after the game starts a giant circle of death appears and slowly closes on a random point, funneling everyone towards that point. You can avoid people until you’re reasonably well equiped, but that gets harder and harder as the game goes on.


Isn’t it hard to hide though? I thought that the playable area keeps getting smaller and smaller as time goes by, basically funneling the players together and preventing someone from turtle-ing too much.


I think at the end of the game, they’re just called "the winner. "


This is the kind of info i was looking for. The vast terrain is what was appealing to me. If I want to shoot people in a small area, I can just play Quake.


Unless you’re someone who parachutes into a large city right away or the circle ends up closing on somewhere urban, a good chunk of the game is running through the countryside and hoping no one snipes you. Also the fact that you only have one life keeps the close up fighting from being a run and gun fest. Everything is slowed down and more methodical.


It’s not hard to hide in the sense of concealment. You can crouch or go prone in tall grass or in bushes and you’ll be hard to spot and besides that scale is realistic. A dude 100 yards away looks small. But concealment is only useful so long as you’re not forced to move. If you get into a good position early it’s possible for the circle to constrict around you for most of the game while you stay hidden in a building. But that has the downside of when the circle is really small people will be watching all structures like hawks and people will have scoped rifles by then. That’s my one complaint actually is in the end game a scope makes you a god if you have good head clicking skills and if you are unlucky enough to have not found one you’re probably boned.


This is a great article that compares PUBGR to poker that sheds a lot of light on how the game works.


I have become completely obsessed with PUBG. I’ve no intention of playing it, but it’s now by far my favourite game to watch others playing on live streams and YouTube. I must have watched about 6 hours of it in the past week or so alone.

It’s so incredibly tactical, with so many more skills than head clicking, and the tension ramps up in just the right way. Also because the map is so big, and the objective changes every time, it’s far far far less about just knowing what corners to stand at and other map knowledge than CS and other tiny-map games.


Blue Hole gave control of custom servers to big streamers and gaming subreddit mods to play with and they have experimented with bigger teams so you can have a proper eight man squad, and I played a few rounds with some friends and acquaintances, and let me tell you when you have an eight man squad and a few people who even know the very basics of small unit tactics it is a JOY to play. It is exactly what I have wanted for a slower tactical game that still has lots of action. I’d love to see a game mode with four platoon sized teams, three squads of eight and a bit slower circle timer for a longer but even more tactical game, but I know it would be a clusterfuck with randos. The game’s player base mostly expects a battle royale and even if you’re on a team people would run solo because muh KD ratio.