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Started playing Slime-san today after getting the April monthly bundle and so far it’s really good. VERY Super Meat Boy, so much so that I had to check out the store page just to make sure it wasn’t the same developer. It almost feels like a ripoff, but it has extra mechanics, a unique visual style, and it’s so well done that it’s not a problem. Definitely worth picking up if you like SMB, at least when there’s a decent Steam or Humble Store sale. Unfortunately too late to get it in the Humble Monthly, but you should probably still subscribe to that anyway if you have an extra $12 a month.


Managed to get a copy of Super Robot Wars OG: Moon Dwellers for PS4 (Thank goodness for no more region locking.)

It’s fun as hell, but holy crap is this game’s story densely packed. There seem to be no less than 4 main antagonist factions and I’m only about 11 missions in out 40.

The game is one giant spectacle to Robot Anime, so you have the Giant Robot with their rocket punches and chest beams alongside military prototype mobile suits with Beam Cannons and Itano Circus Missile Spam.


Played through the DLCs of Dark Souls 3 while ago. First DLC I didn’t like that much, but the second and latest and last one was really good, beside few annoyances. I’d say it was fine end for the series, but I know I’ll be playing DS 3 and 1 and probably even 2 many times again still, so that ride never truly ends.

And for the last week I’ve been playing Thug Life Simulator 20XX, aka. Persona 5. It’s good. It’s stylish, music is great and I just want to play more and more.


3 and 1 are a hard toss up between which one I like playing more. 1 just captures so many good things, but is a bit dated now with all the technical iterations they’ve made on these types of games. 3 gets pretty close to 1 in a lot of the world and mechanical stuff, but just plays way better.


Already ordered Nioh and Bloodborne. Will try this weekend. :smiley:


Rachet and Clank for the PS4 (Old game I know)

A lot of dumb fun that gets the mix between shooting and platforming right. Some parts seem a little dated, rail grinding for instance.

It’s kinda of a short game, but you can replay it and it keeps your weapon upgrades. So you can upgrade your Sheepinator into a Goatinator. (The goats will attack other enemies.)

At some point I’d like to get “Destroy all humans” from the PSstore, that’s a similar game that I missed in the PS2 era.


Oh hey guys, If you’re into shooting game then man you should try Arma 3. Amazing FPS Shooter simulator. I am love struck with that game!


I picked up Playerunknown Battlegrounds last night, with the excuse that it was something I could play with my buddy who just moved out of town. I played five or so matches by myself last night and got a total of two kills, however every match ended with something crazy and memorable. I’m going to play around with the settings tonight and see if I can get it run a bit smoother before I hop in a match again.

In highschool, Left 4 Dead was the main game my friend group played, and this is bringing back some of those feels. I can’t wait to squad up with a group of four and start scavenging for supplies!


The Battletech Beta is legit. DFA and PPC to the face!


Squads with friends is the way to go. Solo and duos are fun as hell don’t get me wrong but I’ve had the best and most intense firefights with a four person fire team.


I need to give PUBG a try sometime.

Been messing around with Streets of Rogue. I would suggest waiting until it’s either cheaper or a little more complete, but it’s pretty fun. The AI in it is pretty complex for a roguelike. There’s a lot of emergent stuff and different ways to play, and multiplayer works fairly well. Best game so far was making a gang of gorillas with sledge hammers that smash through walls and murder everyone.


OMG. This is the first I’ve heard of Streets of Rogue. I want to play it just based on the genius name. But is the music bangin’ enough?


The music is correct, yes.


That’s the right style, but it doesn’t get me pumped as much.

I’ll still be on the lookout for it.


Be interested to try the multiplayer when they roll it out.


This looks fun! I want it too man!


So yesterday I visited my brothers and they said we should play a game called Moon Hunters. They said it was an amazing game that’s fairly short and plays a bit like Zelda with a bit more chaos to the combat. They said the story was all about failure and futility and with a mission like “The moon has gone missing, go out into the wilderness and find it” I suppose that’s to be expected.

In the first town we met a spirit who talked about how the moon had phases and stuff.
We did a level and a load of fighting and made camp.
Then went to the second area and there was a ritual circle on the ground and I said we had to activate the circles in the order the spirit mentioned and I remembered the details.

So we did that and then the end boss showed up but no sooner had this happened the spirit from the start showed up and I think it killed the boss for us. Then it congratulated us and we found the moon and peace was restored and everyone went on to be known as mighty and wise heroes. The world was saved!

My brothers lost their shit! They were whooping and hollering and saying that this never happened before and thanking me for remembering the moon sequence from the spirit from the first town.

I just felt weird. What the heck happened? It was one video game puzzle… One hack and slash level… and a final boss that got taken out by an NPC. Then the world was saved and we all got to be heroes of legend. I only killed a few baddies. But it seemed to mean a lot to the rest of them.


Long story short the game usually goes:

Start in town, go to hack and slashville, make camp, maybe another town, definitely more hack and slashville, make camp again. the world is on fire, go back to hack and slashville, find the final boss and either win or lose you still didn’t restore the moon, become legends.

That’s a more typical game. You guys must have lucked out getting an event that lets you win and it wasn’t as significant to you as you’d never gone through the above 1000 times.


Person 5 is amazing! I might 100% this game is only because of the hilarious dialogue and interesting characters.


Horizon Zero Dawn got a “New Game+” mode and ultra hard difficulty. Plus some newer weapons and armor;

That’s not even counting the new DLC coming out later in the year.