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It’s also one of the most tense games I’ve played to memory. Genuinely the only game I can actually remember that got me so keyed up and switched on that I can practically feel my pulse in my fingertips, and it’s incredibly cathartic when things seemingly randomly kick off and turn into a giant shitfight, regardless of if you win or lose.


@Apreche Just a note if you do decide to pick it up, unless you enjoy hearing twelve year olds screaming racial slurs the first thing you should do is go into the options and turn off the public voice channel.


Also, here’s something nice - despite the shitty pre-game lobby chat, the devs are VERY proactive against people who break their pretty comprehensive Rules of conduct, which covers both shitty behavior(like, screaming slurs, being a bigot, making threats, etc) and explicit cheating(Teaming up over external services in Solo, intentional team-killing, stream sniping, etc).


Every time I play and get into the top 10 my adrenaline starts going in a way that makes it kinda hard to play. My hands will start shaking which screws my aiming. But it’s interesting that a game can have that affect on me. The one thing I really like about this game is that the map is large enough, and it has quite a few (dont know how random) permutations of the circle constricting which means almost every encounter you have is VERY different. A lot of other shooters rely a decent amount on maps that you’ll have memorized after playing them a few times. Battlegrounds, despite playing for 12-13 hours already, there’s quite a few places on the map I’ve never been before.


[quote=“MATATAT, post:144, topic:127”]
Every time I play and get into the top 10 my adrenaline starts going in a way that makes it kinda hard to play. My hands will start shaking which screws my aiming. But it’s interesting that a game can have that affect on me
[/quote]I’m okay during, but I definitely regularly get the adrenaline comedown shakes after close games.


Also I’m going to be diving into wealthyaardvark’s stream shortly for more pubg.


I got that squid game. It’s more of the same but still pretty damn fun.


My current ‘while I poop’ mobile game has been Final Fantasy Record Keeper for quite some time now.

It’s a game where you play through all of the boss fights from every main series Final Fantasy game (and Tactics) using a party built from every character, playable or not, from all of those games.

It manages to capture the feeling of Final Fantasy party management and RPG boss strategy without having to advance through story text and dungeon crawls that you’ve done a thousand times already.

The main mode is a giant flowchart of all of the dungeons from all of the FF games that you play through in sequence. There are trash enemies before each boss in these dungeons, just to make it more of an endurance run and recapture the feel of these old games than just being boss fight after boss fight. There are so many of these dungeons available that I still haven’t caught up after a year and a half, and they add more every month.

They also have a new event every week, where they feature one particular game, and a specific character or plotline within it. This is where you quickly unlock new characters from that game and challenge hardmode versions of the bosses you may have seen in the main mode for the best rewards.

Being Final Fantasy, there is an element of leveling up characters and abilities, but it feels less like a grind and more of a ramp-up early on, and the game gives you ways to circumvent leveling up characters manually after you’ve built up a solid team. It doesn’t take long to get to the challenge fights, and it feels like you make further progress with every event.

Each dungeon that you complete in either mode provides some in-game currency you can use to buy a random selection of new weapons and armor - the weekly events contain new items for the featured game every week. Every featured item you get allows one specific character to learn a new unique ability that works like a Limit Break, so you eventually can build a party based on which of your characters have drawn the best abilities, or you can swap them out based on boss weaknesses and strategies. (You can also use real money to draw more items, but this is 100% unnecessary and you can completely clear all the content in the game without spending money if you build a good strategy for each boss. All that spending money does is allow you to draw more of the same items you’d get for free faster.)

So yes, it’s a free-to-play mobile game, but it doesn’t feel like one, and it really recaptures the nostalgia of playing an early Final Fantasy game, using some combination of characters, classes, and abilities to go up against every boss from every game. I’ve been having a blast with it for a very long time.


I have tried that game and I feel like I could find it funish, but it’s super slow on my phone. Navigating menus is slow and annoying and that’s kinda one thing you don’t want from you poop game. I even tried it on my tablet and it had issues even there.

Also I’m little bit disappointed that the things you pull in that game are weapons and not characters. Getting cool characters and then feeding lame characters to them is much more fun than doing the same for some swords and spears.


Yeah, it’s true that the menu performance is not great on Android in particular, but I guess it’s much better optimized if you have an iPhone, and I’ve gotten used to it so that I don’t notice it much anymore. The only thing I can’t do because of it is the multiplayer fights.

And while I agree that it would be fun if pulling a new character was the big draw, at the same time I think it would be frustrating if I spent months hoping to play as Edgar but couldn’t use him thanks only to RNG. At least now you can pretty trivially get and make use of any character you want, and then it just becomes a matter of hoping to get Edgar’s Chainsaw instead of Edgar himself.


I’m Skyrimming. It’s enjoyable.


I got a Switch on Friday. To nobody’s surprise, Zelda is really good.


A friend bought me a copy of Final Fantasy 14 and a three month subscription. I know MMOs aren’t that popular on this forum, but I’ve got to say, FF14 is actually really good. The story is decent, and they remove most of the traditional MMO-wankery that gets in the way of a fun game. The game just makes is very convenient and easy to get on with the story and play with your friends and other people.

I’m very surprised at how good it is.


It is definitely interesting in design sense. They have a visual lexicon of mechanics slowly introduced throughout the story dungeons so that people will more easily react to them during more critical events. They even doubled down on it this expansion since a non-insignificant amount of people are highly resistant to learning the dance steps.

Plus there’s the fun of spending a couple hours beating your head on a brick wall with friends.


I finished the first route of Nier: Automata last night and it was fucking rad. The story was great, 2B and 9S are great characters and the combat is so fucking satisfying. It also is gorgeous and the music is phenomenal. I literally can’t gush enough about everything about it. If you like action games you will love it 10/10


I’ve been meaning to get this game for a while but haven’t yet. I played the demo on PS4 and loved it, but the story seemed very weird and like I was dropped in the middle of a larger plot. Is knowledge of the other Nier games necessary?


Not at all, the previous Nier (and strangely the Drakengard games) have some super super minor relation to this game, but they’re set so far in the past of this game that they barely register.


Robo Recall
Mario Kart 8
Wrestlemania 2000

For research.


Most recently, I finished Horizon a week or so ago and will leave it until the DLC comes out. Right now I just started the campaign for Titanfall 2 and continue to play Heroes of the Storm on the regular. However all games will be put aside when Uncharted: Lost Legacy comes out next week.


The Drakengard universe and timelines are nuts and are covered by a number of games, novels, and even a stage play. And yes it it timelines plural, they tease out different story paths and alternate histories based on different routes in different games, mostly stemming from different endings of Drakengard 3 and almost all having never been translated from Japanese. Having only played Nier: Automata I can say though you don’t have to know anything about any other Drakengard stuff to get the story at all.