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I’m enjoying watching Jeremy play Horizon Zero Dawn while I play Zelda. Thank goodness for portability otherwise there would be fights for TV time, but I do prefer playing on the TV.

When comparing both games, they make it so much easier with UI in HZD vs BoW. He can track all the things while I can’t, but his combat appears to be a tiny bit more difficult.


I would totally be digging into Horizon if I wasn’t out of town for the next week. Going to take the time to catch up on reading instead.


It looks like HZD is going for a “stealth” combat model so stand-up fights with little to no preparation favor the enemies, so that makes sense.


Yeah the thing is once you get out of stealth managing anything is just a pain in the ass. Can’t lock on, which makes swiveling around a pain in the ass. Your options short range seem pretty limited, you use the spear. Trying to position yourself for using the bow or other weapons after running away is just difficult IMO. Some of how the arrows hit things too is sort of confusing, they seem to clip on certain body parts because I think it gives you a wide margin of error to try and make it easier to run and shoot. I dunno, there’s just a lot of nitpicks I have over it even though I want to play more of it. The world seems amazing and I really like the conceit. But I just get so frustrated with it’s options for combat that I just don’t really ever want to do the combat.


This Zelda offers a bit of variety for each person’s style.
I have chosen mine.


Yeah. I just started playing HZD a couple of days ago myself. Not having a lock on for melee attacks gets annoying. The game seems really big on using stealth and preparation to take out groups of machines. If you do get caught by machines, laying down blast tripwires or the blast sling while running away seems sort of effective.

Other than that the game does look nice and I’m digging the setting.


Yeah I’ve sort of wrapped my head around the combat at this point but there are definitely some consistently frustrating aspects. The game really wants you to stealth around most of the time, even though there’s a combat skill tree. Once you start getting the hang of where machines can see you and how to usually dodge around them the combat becomes a bit more manageable. I don’t know that the game always does a good job of surfacing information to the player either. For instance I did a challenge where you had to tie down a bunch of things and it’s not intuitive how to pin down enemies nor when the game counts them as being pinned down. The ammunition specifies a duration for how long a machine should be pinned down but it seems inaccurate.

I think the models look pretty decent but I’ve been through a few parts where the animations fuck up big time and some of the lighting in areas makes things look horrible. It’s weird because that stuff mostly stands out because the rest of the game looks pretty good.


I’ve been watching various playthroughs while I wait for the person who’ll be selling me their PS4 with the game to get back from vacation.

One thing I noticed is there’s an indicator icon when you fire the ropecaster. When the Icon is filled, the beasts fall over.

The sneaking around bit seems like fun because of how dim the AI is for the humans. Kill a dude, throw a mine at the corpse and watch as the next dude investigates the corpse and blows himself up.

I don’t know what it is about this game, but it makes me want to go out and get a PS4 and I haven’t owned a modern console in a long time.


Watching Jeremy play is enough for me to experience this game. Didn’t know what’s her name is the voice of the protagonist. The girl who voiced, Tiny Tina, in BL2. I like how stupid the NPCs are. They are either really fucking stupid or really discriminatory.

Jeremy is calling that the metal beasty things are actually humans. I have no idea what things are called. I really don’t care. Also the storyline of the voice recordings of the drug addict guy is really sad.


Huh. I’ve been playing the game for several hours, but I didn’t even know that it was Ashley Burch who was doing Aloy’s voice.

I find it weird that there doesn’t seem to be a system for hiding the enemy’s bodies since it’s using stealth so much. You kill a bandit or something and another one just walks up to the corpse. They don’t even do anything about it. Just shoot them in the head with an arrow and move on.

I also feel that the “tall grass” isn’t tall enough for an adult to hide in to the point where someone could walk past you and not notice you.


Some things are just ridiculous but in a way I don’t really care about. Like I use the highest stealth armor I can right now and there are situations where I can basically walk past people in plain view and they don’t notice. There’s also a skill that lets you run without making sound so you can just sprint up to enemies eventually.

I’d recognized it was Ashley Burch but mostly because she’s been doing the same voice in the last few games I remember her in. So it was pretty easy for me to hear. Like it’s basically the exact same voice of Chloe in Life is Strange. She’s gotten a bit into Troy Baker territory where she pretty much does her regular voice now instead of drastically different variations on it. Guess it’s not too different than Hollywood actors if I think about it.


I recently got a PS4 and the game. I’m at the third hunting ground between Dayrower and Meridian. Been a blast so far.

Agree on the lack of short range options, next item on the shopping list is one of the Rattlers. I’ve seen a couple of videos of it, and it looks like you’re supposed to use it with the Ropecaster. Some idiots are taking the Ratter against a Thunderjaw and saying “Lol this weapons sucks!”, but that’s more “wrong tool for the wrong job”. Then I see other videos taking down a Stormbird after being tying it down.

Haven’t used the stealth Armor. I got a Anti-Corruption suit, the anti-melee suit, and the general elements suit.


Any new game that you guys want to suggest for PS4? The latest that I have played is GRW and its the best one out yet in 2017.

I wonder when is Days Gone releasing!


I beat Horizon this weekend and basically did everything you could do questwise. I didn’t do all the collectible things, corrupted areas, hunter grounds but those seemed kinda boring to me. I did finish all the bandit camps though, and all the errands, longnecks, cauldrons, and side quests.

Moved on to Nier Automata while still plugging away at Zelda. Zelda has become more of the “play in bed” game for me though.


I’ve heard really good things about Nier: Automata. I played the demo on PS4 and liked it, but I didn’t feel like it gave me a good enough sense as to the whole game. I’m still very interested though…


I would say more but I basically got past where the demo leaves off, so I don’t have a good sense of what’s going to happen.


If you haven’t played Bloodborne definitely Bloodborne. Don’t be scared of the From Software difficulty reputation it is challenging but fun as hell. I was leery for a long time and finally picked it up and its a blast. Aside from that Nier, Until Dawn if you like something spooky and casual, and Dishonored 2 are some of my recommendations.


Nier 2 is fun. The Yoko Taro narrative remains strong. My first two playthroughs were mostly the exact same game, but the character perspective expands the overall view immensely. The game takes full advantage of this same run with different viewpoints for some surprising moments.

The combat is the same with some minor tweaks that actually change up the character styles to mix up the mood while you Kill, Murder, and Euthanize robots. All three are aptly different, all three will happen.
The main story is short enough to play multiple times with a plethora of option side quests that will keep their current progression between runs. That said, each side quest is its own little story and things were better off without your help.

In the end, this is a Yoko Taro game. Everything you do is wrong, terrible things will be done by and to you, the only guarantee in life is suffering, and you will love every second it.


If you like the SoulsBourne type of games I would recommend Nioh. It’s like those games, but set in Japan for the most part. It was developed by Team Ninja, so it has a little bit of a Ninja Gaiden kind of feel to it also.


Yes I have also been recommended to try Nioh. I am hearing all good things about this game.