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I just finished Virtues Last Reward last night. The sequel for 999. It’s really insane from a story perspective. Probably more so than 999, which is already crazy to begin with. I feel like it more tightly couples the puzzle rooms with the story, but I found myself starting to just look up the solutions to the last couple puzzles as I went through it. Part of that was its absurdly long comparatively. I clocked in at close to 40 hours or so at the end. And at a certain point I was kinda getting tired of going through the motions over and over. The game gives you a timeline to jump around on which alleviates some of the issues with the first game. Although for the iOS version of 999 I believe they added that feature in as well. You can also similarly fast forward through text but since it’ll pause on new text you often have to re-engage this. It’s nice to see the extra text but there are times when it deviates ever so slightly for a couple sentences and then you can fast forward again. At the very least if you liked the story from that first game I think you’d like this one. I would recommend a guide though. There’s an image that I was using that sort of illustrates an “optimal” way to play the story which worked out nicely. It just tells you which doors you should go through and which decisions you would make. It works pretty well story-wise.


Picked up For Honor this weekend. I’d played some of the free weekend but didn’t want to spend too much time with it once I realized I was probably going to play it. It’s pretty impressive how they managed to make what amounts to a simplistic fighting game that has quite a bit of depth and skill involved in it. And the way they made melee combat feel really good. Definitely been solid so far.


Have you had any network/connectivity issues to the game?


Yeah some, I was thinking about mentioning that but it’s super intermittent. Once I’m in a game it’s been smooth sailing, but yesterday there was a period of time where it was sitting at a loading screen for like 10 minutes per game, wasn’t finding game in modes that were apparently “high activity”, etc. It’s hard to say how prevalent this is since I haven’t had it more than a couple days but it just seems like some server bugs that crop up on occasion.


I’ve been juggling a few different games recently, but the one I’ve been playing the longest is The Witcher 3. Even though I haven’t played any of the other Witcher games this has become one of my favorites. One of the downsides to this game is that the combat isn’t very complex and has become too easy at this point even though I’m playing on the hardest difficulty.


Yeah it seems like once you get leveled enough combat is a non-issue. It can be fucking hard at the start when you can only take a few direct hits. But then you just start destroying people.


The matchmaking design choices are comically counter-intuitive. If it finds you a match, then the room gets filled, you are given an error message stating the room is full, and are bumped back to the main menu. This means you are forced to manually requeue.
Match selection is done in groupings of modes, so when you queue you are queuing for both. You can put a preference on for one over the other, but it usually ignores it. Which is obnoxious since it doesn’t tell you which mode you entered until character select. Meaning if your goal is to complete a daily quest, the earliest you can leave is a few minutes later, after everyone has loaded into a now active game.
Then the 4v4 modes allow for gear stats that boost your abilities. The way this mode is intended to work is to balance out the item levels between the teams. How it usually works is one team with end gear vs the peasantry, usually ending as expected.

Among other things, one of the daily goals has its alphabet to change to Cyrillic every time you log.


Yeah. At the start of the game wolves would murder me pretty quickly. However, after upgrading the quick attack and getting the ability to slow time when attacked fights become tapping quick attack over and over again.


I have beaten the witness and got the ending, my hated of tetriminos has peaked in this game.


[URL=“”]Night in the Woods[/URL]

Loved it. I started a second playthrough immediately after Anthony finished it… maybe 6 hours to complete. This is quality writing, not just “good video game writing,” and it comes together in a very satisfying way.


I’ve been playing some Paladins with friends. Definitely less polished than Overwatch but it has less frustrating gameplay elements. There are far fewer chokepoints and the time to kill is longer. It’s a very flawed and buggy game but not as bad as people make it out to be nor a straight ripoff of Overwatch. The pay to win elements have been over exaggerated but the company itself don’t look like they know exactly what they are doing.


I got a steam link and between that and the new desktop I’m going back and playing a bunch of games my computer couldn’t quite emulate before, first up is Kingdom Hearts.


Yeah I mostly bought one to see how it would work in certain situations. It was on sale for $20 the other day.


Yeah I got one the last time it was $20


Given a few decades, I earnestly believe you could cover Night in the Woods in a class on early 21st century American fiction. Canonize this game.

Angus finally replaced Garnet as my slack icon, because Angus is extremely good.


The new direction to puzzles Breath of the Wild has taken offers some unique solutions.


I didn’t go that far, but I definitely fooled around big time on that puzzle.


I don’t know if there is a better method to fishing than throwing bombs in the river, because throwing bombs in the river is very effective.


Horizon Zero Dawn looks really impressive. So much so, I might be in the market for a PS4.


Honestly I’ve been juggling between Horizon and Zelda and often just find myself wanting to play Zelda. Horizon looks really nice, I think the combat kinda sucks, or at least I haven’t really wrapped my head around how to do it effectively. I’m thinking the story hasn’t really taken off yet, or if it has then it just hasn’t grabbed me. The world feels a little condensed and I’m not sure I feel any desire to explore. Zelda I’m going all over the place and trying weird shit. The combat is the same as it’s always been but it’s always been pretty solid. I really actually enjoy how things will smash the shit out of you now. A direct hit from something may kill you in one shot.