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I dunno. I like the game a decent bit but the combat is pretty mashy. It’s not super engaging. The story is pretty wacky though but it’s more the layers that seem to add to it. The first playthrough is pretty generic anime. I just feel like it gets lifted a lot for its story but that is a lot of what it has going for it.


Did you play all the way through all three parts?


I’m in the second play through but I’ve heard numerous times the subsequent playthroughs start to really put things in context. I just think the game is occasionally bogged down by the gameplay even when it switches up.


I completely disagree I loved the combat for being simple and fun. I even grew to like the hacking mechanic. Also part two and especially three is where the story really comes together. It turns so far away from the anime plot of the first part.


Yeah I fully expect the story will be way better, but it’s just kinda rough that the first (and probably longest) playthrough is mostly setup for the rest of the revelations. I don’t dislike the combat, it’s just not at Bayonetta levels.


Technically I’d say that the playthrough you do most sidequests, is the longest, as there is good chunk of the game’s potential playtime.


True, but there a non-zero amount of content from 9S’s playthrough so far that is the exact same which I’ve just been buttoning through. Plus there is less interest, for me at least, to explore the map since I’ve already done that. It helps knowing exactly where to go too.


Fallout Far Harbor should [spoiler alert?] have an option to convince the Children of Atom that an atomic warhead detonating is their version of the rapture before setting off the bomb.


Sonic Mania is a huge step back from the evolution and progress made in Sonic Generations and Sonic 4. It’s obsession with recreating the 90s Sonic games creates an accurate replication of them but that also brings back relics of an older period of gaming that I was glad we had gotten rid of.


Granted I have not played Sonic Mania yet, but invoking the likes of Sonic 4 is no good. That game was such trash. Generations on the other hand was a really good game.


It was a misstep in the right direction. It tried to merge the old style of Sonic with newer mechanics to make it more accessible. Poorly executed? Sure, but I’ll take that over an exceptionally polished rehash of a game that hasn’t been fresh in 20 years.


Is anyone going to be playing the Gundam Versus Open Beta this weekend? I got to play the arcade version of Next at MAGFest and I’ve been hyped for this game ever since.


I didn’t know that the open beta was a thing for the game, but now that I know, I’m going to try it out.


Been playing Gundam today, some amount and I think I’ll buy it when it comes out. Maybe not day 1, but eventually at least. But I’m not sure if I would recommend it. It has elements that some people would call technical and others clunky. The game will have some kind of tutorial, but it’s not available in the beta and going in the game blind resulted into lots of “what is happening, what I’m doing, how does anything work”. I ended up watching some youtube tutorials, but even after that I feel like a baby who has been told what legs are and how you should be using them. There is so much going on with just simply moving around, constant balancing of meter and canceling attacks into movement into new attacks.

It’s a hard game to properly grasp, but I can see the potential fun of dodging past enemy shots, steering close into melee combo canceled with dodge and finished off by grabbing the enemy with my heat rod. Even with my current very limited skills and rounds filled with getting totally destroyed, I’ve had fun with the beta. Maybe if the tutorial ends up being actually good, I could actually give it a recommendation.


A group that I know locally took over a local internet cafe’s supply of PS4s and played this thing for about 13 hours straight. We had a great time, but it’s currently a pretty hard sell since they confirmed that you won’t be able to play split screen.Since this game really sings in 2v2 that means either getting a friend to queue with you or playing with randos.

All that said, I’m still getting it, so if anyone wants to play in the trash leagues with me in october, I’ll see you there.


Tacoma, the second Fullbright game (Gone Home).

It’s similar length, and similarly good (in a different way - the audio logs are AR ‘cutscenes’ that let you jog forward and backward and exist in the physical space). I like these kinds of games when they let you poke around and explore, and the ending is s a t i s f y i n g .


In anticipation for new Metroid I’m attempting to beat Super Metroid, a game I’ve tried multiple times to actually finish. I’ve accomplished getting to the final stretch. While this game has elements that are really awesome and amazing, especially for the time, it’s kinda frustrating in the current age. I’m gonna persist through and see it to the end.


Really? If you’re not going for a speed run, Super Metroid is pretty easy. Did you get enough E-Tanks? Did you get reserve tanks, and do you know how to use them? Do you know the special moves like crystal flash to restore health?

If you play slowly and deliberately to load up on items, the bad guys really can’t mess with you. Speedrunning it is just ridiculously hard because you pick up the bare minimum and can’t stop to save or farm.


Nah it’s not a hard game, there’s just things about some of the mechanics that get annoying. Like some of the enemies and how they operate. The way you change weapons and the grappling hook, while pretty amazing for the time, is kinda annoying in the current day.


You’re right about changing weapons, but they didn’t have enough buttons on the SNES controller to do better. Also, wall jumping is bad, but grappling hook is pretty great.