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You know, back in the Super Metroid heyday, I was a wizard with the grappling beam, but I couldn’t wall-jump for shit. I was legit concerned that I was going to be permanently stuck when I found myself in that area that you needed to wall jump to escape.

But nowadays I have a real hard time coordinating the grappling beam, but I can do some pretty serious sequence-breaking with the wall-jump. Even after I get the grappling beam and even the space jump, I still end up using wall-jumping as my preferred method of traversal when possible. It tends to be just faster when executed properly.


I want to make a patch for Super Metroid to make the wall jumping work exactly the same way it does in Megaman X.


The timing window on the wall jump feels inconsistent at times. I know it’s not as I’ve seen my friend speedrun the game before which requires doing it perfectly multiple times, but it feels like bullshit sometimes.


The main problem is not the timing, but that you have to push the opposite arrow. In Mega Man X (best wall jump ever) you can keep the arrow pressing against the wall to slide down, and just jump off whenever. It’s very very forgiving. Of course, better timing will get you more height, but at least you won’t fall if you are suboptimal.


Possibly the best worst game of PUBG that Anteater Squad has ever had, in which I manage to ruin everything multiple times, Feat Wealthy, Linkigi, and Zergy. After that clip, we literally had to take a 5-10 minute break because we were laughing too hard to carry on.

Not included in the video - the moment after we landed where I’d popped a shot at Ard, and he spent real paranoid thinking we were being chased by some mysterious assailant.


I’ll have to try and join you guys sometime when there’s a spot open. Too much stress when I play by myself :grimacing:


Anteater Squad takes a Second chicken dinner:

(Not my screen, I had overlay turned off, which stopped me from taking a screenshot. BUT I WAS PRESENT AND MOSTLY USELESS.)


The time I was with some friends and won I was dead for better than half the game but I was still hailed as the hero for saving my buddies because I was able to spot and point out the sniper just before I took a shot to the head.


Churba and I were dead for a lot of it. But I like to think our scouting helped.


Yep - Matatat got DC’ed on the drop, so I dropped after him to protect him. Which went about as well as expected when I died basically immediately, then Matatat reconnected, and died about as quick when he did. We spent the rest of the game just playing Casper the helpful ghost.


I got Darkest Dungeons on the iPad because I needed to purchase that game twice to validate my life. It’s about as fun as it was the first time: very. The game feels like it was made for iOS, despite the slightly off aspect ratio.


Darkest Dungeons on iPad you say? But I’m already reading the Torchbearer pdf!


New Metroid is pretty awesome. I didn’t think I would have much nostalgia for Metroid 2 but some of the stuff is coming back to me. I don’t remember it well enough to tell how close the level design is to the original.


I loved the original, and this is as close as we can get of an updated 2D Metroid. The controls are tight, the graphics look awesome in the small 3DS screen ( The 3D is also pretty cool), and the music is great. If you are lucky enough to get the Special Edition go an get it since it comes with the Soundtrack.


I stopped playing PUBG for a while and just got back in, and somehow something clicked and doing way better now. Still no chicken dinner, but I’ve gotten several top 10s and get 3+ kills almost half the time (6 kills my last game). I’m still not great at shooting, so I think I just figured out enough situational awareness to make sure I have the advantage in fights. Sometimes it’s seeing an enemy from a distance and stalking them, sometimes it’s dodging a flash bang and killing them when they run down stairs, sometimes it’s disengaging, running around the building and shooting them from behind, but I rarely get in real back-and-forth firefights (cause I’d lose).


AntEater Squad made the Hat Trick yesterday, taking our third team Chicken dinner.


PUBG is the first game in a loooong time that makes me wish I had a PC to play it on.



Maybe I just need to install bootcamp on my current macbook pro.


Finished XCOM2: War of the Chosen will probably start a new game later.

The game puts a lot more priority on edge case abilities in the core game. In my vanilla playthrough I was much more dependent on hacking MECs and turrets. Early game, you’re more worried about the Chosen kidnapping your units.

Once the Chosen are out of the game, you can pretty much steamroll it. The last room of the last mission was much easier this time around.

I don’t know if the ending is hinting at possibly more DLC or a XCOM3: Terror from the deep remake.

I’ve been playing Stellaris which got a new update. It’s not 100% perfect, but it’s a long way from where it first started.


I’ve been playing heat signature

Think Hotline Miami but in space and you’re stealing spaceships. So maybe Hotline Miami meets FTL?

It’s super good. Like good god have I put a full workday into it since it came out last week. It also has a really really good ui which I’ve grown to appreciate over the years.