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I’ve tried watching some YouTube videos that cover the interconnections. Not only are they long, but largely nonsensical. Maybe partially due to being boiled down to just the overarching story beats, but still, it’s some crazy bullshit.


Wait…I think I know what the final game may be. Windjammers is going to get an HAD version for the PS4 soon. Add that to your research pile.


That is actually a pretty good guess. Wouldn’t be surprised if they get the original version.

Funny thing with the remaster coming out is that my coworker has had the game for a long time and would bring it in sometimes, and we would keep talking about how someone should remake it or make a similar game because it is still a blast to play. Turns out they were doing just that and we didn’t know it.


No Man’s Sky got a fairly big update recently. It added a lot of polish to the game that the game desperately needed and it looks a lot better.

I was even able to find a nice planet fairly quickly.

Although NMS is more of a simulation than a game, I find being able to walk around in a galaxy completely by myself to be relaxing.


Does it yet do the things promised on release?


Anyone else still playing Battlegrounds? I want to try out squad mode.


I do play it on occasion, despite really liking it it’s a bit too stressful for me solo to just jump into for more than a game or two. If there was a group I’d be down for playing more.


I haven’t played in a few weeks, but I was thinking about hopping on soon and honking some Jeep horns.


Sweet, my Steam name’s also “Ikatono” if anyone wants to add me.


Sonic Mania. It’s the Sonic game 1995 never got.


I’ve never actually heard any of the promises of NMS. I was basically sold on the notion of being able to fly from a planet to a space station seamlessly without loading screens, by watching one of the original tech demos…


Still playing a crap ton. Cyberfreak97 is my steam ID.


Steam shows no results. Is your account private or something?


Oh shoot try Panfriedmarmot.


As my Canadian cousins might say, oh fuck yeah bud. I’m regularly on, as is WealthyAardvark and Apsup, along with some of the other Friends from the Internet crew.

Here’s a clip from the last time I was playing with Eoghan and Apsup, simultaneous kills:


I’ve started playing now too but going solo is pretty silly, not found of the non third person games but it gives you too much of an advantage not to use.

Also random game hangs are stupid, so I can get frustrated.

At the same time it can be great I, won a game with a pistol while the last guy had an assault rifle, I was told later by friends that pistols suck in this game lol.


They sure as shit do the job in a pinch. It wasn’t in the above game, but it was in the above session, I ended up seperated from Apsup and Eoghan, and all I found was a pistol, two magazines worth of ammo, and that’s it(well, other than trousers.) Someone else dropped near me, they had a level 3 backpack, some healing items, and I think a shotgun - I crept along, followed him until he managed to corner himself trying to get up a hill, and just unloaded into him, grabbed his shit and legged it.


I bought West of Loathing after watching Markiplier play it. I have to say it’s very fun. It’s by the makers of Kingdom of Loathing and it has that stick man style that was popular in the early days of the Internet. It also feels like Skyrim and an old-style overworld RPG and Wild Wild West had a baby. Lotta puns and easy jokes, like finding needles in haystacks, that I feel appeals to Rym’s sense of humor.


Just when I was getting somewhere in No Man’s Sky I run into a really bad bug. At least it’s a widely known issue that they are patching.

Back to Valkyria Chronicles.


Okay, seriously, if you haven’t played it play Nier: Automata. It is the best game I have played in YEARS for story and gameplay. For serious.