Fuck the Police


I had to double check that I wasn’t reading an onion article or something.


I had one of those for a while, but I lost it years ago. Never had a chance to actually test its supposed power.


I had the Michigan equivalent. It was a badge on the back of my car. It got me out of pretty-much any low-level speeding ticket, and downgraded any serious speeding tickets to 5 over. It wouldn’t have done anything for a real crime of course.

The only downside was that the cop would tell my dad.


This is a pretty common thing. There are various Police Benevolent Associations and such like that you donate to and they send a window decal that says you donated to the Podunk Police Department and it’s an implicit agreement that the Podunk PD won’t bust your balls too hard for minor stuff.


I can’t even…


That only gets ya so far… .but yes that’s definitely a thing. my parents have those stickers and I believe they get new ones every new car.


It’s ridiculous, and I wont even put on the pretense of defending it.


Oh yeah but I saw it work several times over the years.


If you’re in Small Town, USA, there’s pretty much an implicit agreement that townies and friends of the police get away with shit if it’s up to the officer’s discretion. There’s a reason we stopped calling the cops on our neighbors drunken parties.


I mean, I know this is a fucked-up thing, and my response is also fucked up: this instance of corruption is pretty much insignificant compared to all the other myriad problems with police in the US.

I’ll care about this after racist power-hungry thugs with government-supplied guns stop murdering black people for being black.


Also, take as guess as to how far those cards get you if you ain’t white.


This entire thread…


I just saw a photo of one of these cards, and realized - if you can get a high-res photo of one, I could basically run these off all day, and nobody would know the difference. They’re trivially reproduced by anyone with a thermal retransfer printer.

Edit - Read between the lines.


I thought I had already posted it in here but I guess not. Here’s a podcast that focuses on police and related garbage: https://www.fsckemall.com/



Just what in the fuck!


Truth: Detroit police trick a few businesses into giving them a few thousand bucks. Give them nothing in return. How can they know they have higher 911 priority or not? How often are they calling 911?


While probably true to a certain extent, even advertising such a service is highly unethical and undermines trust of the general public in police services. This can be interpreted as either bribery or racketeering, and both are highly illegal activities.