Fuck the Police






I would say get rekt, but honestly I can only imagine they’ll probably get away with it.


Not sure if this quite counts as a “fuck the police” story, but…

Basically, one group of undercover cops was posing as drug dealers while another group was posting as drug buyers and neither group knew that the other was composed of cops. Hi-jinks ensue.


The Man Who Was Thursday (1908)




This happened a while back but the owner of the house is still working on compensation for having his house blown up.

"To retrieve the robot, an officer attempted to throw a flashbang grenade upstairs toward Seacat to create a diversion. However, the grenade bounced back downstairs toward the team of officers, forcing them to scatter and retreat. The official report states that the grenade ‘failed to land in its desired location.’ Eventually, a second robot was used to retrieve the first one."




How… Wha… How does anyone in this day and age, let alone cops, not know what marijuana looks like? Everyone knows what marijuana looks like. My 92 year old GRANDMOTHER knows what marijuana looks like.



I fucking hate this.


This one was really hard to watch.


I couldn’t go through it, I can’t put myself through that.


He’s given several conflicting orders, ones that if he complied with all of them (if he even could) would leave him extremely off balance and possibly fall over, getting him shot anyway.


That cop wanted to shoot him. He was looking for an excuse, and when he failed to get one, he created the excuse.


So… I’m having a slight issue. I don’t wanna dehumanize people. At All Full Stop.

I don’t wanna dehumanize republicans.

I don’t wanna dehumanize donald drumpf.

And I don’t wanna dehumanize the police.

I’m not sure how I hold on to that after having watched that. It’s really hard to see them as anything but monsters.