Fuck the Police


And don’t be POC


That’s the only option and don’t expect much compensation regardless.

Remember how James Blake, the former pro tennis player, got tackled for standing casually next a hotel lobby? Or Thabo Sefolosha, the NBA player, who got his leg broken for standing too close to the perimeter of a crime scene? Which also ruined his NBA team’s chances at the championship because he was a key defensive stopper on the 2nd best team in the East.

Both are half black model citizens that were literally just standing there. They both had enormous resources to fight the NYPD and both settled after vowing to fight to the end. The police will never admit wrongdoing.





Would a video like that have a website’s watermark?
I suspect it might be fake.


Doesn’t matter. Still good.


WorldStar might buy or take possession of things submitted to them.




The inaccessibility of peaceful protest


This is insane. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/the-brutal-beating-of-black-man-by-white-supremacists-still-roils-charlottesville/2017/10/10/e5994132-a515-11e7-8cfe-d5b912fabc99_story.html


Seriously, fuck these people.

“Officer, arrest that man! He bloodied my knuckles with his face.”


In the interest of accurate reporting, from what I understand here, the real culprit is a specific judge in the area and the system itself. (not suggesting the cops are blameless, they’re not. (Just following orders is sometimes aka the Nuremburg defense, didn’t work for goebbels shouldn’t work now))

Basically I read (if you ask I’ll re-find my source) the shitlords tried to report the victim to the police but the police went ahead and told them to fuck right off after a cursory look at the video. (yay cops?) Afterwards the shitlords went to a local judge, that I guess they knew or something because they convinced him to issue a warrant for the victim.

So now the police are presented with a warrant that they have to carry out 'cause daddy judge told them to. So they are doing their jobs (BOO POLICE!! (much more familiar)).

So yeah real asshole are the attackers and the judge that are in cahoots.


Yeah, the “Judge” and his friends are the ones I’m angry at. Since the whole thing sounded absurd even in 2017.


Sounds like they went to a magistrate which is a judge with limited powers, mostly with warrants and bail. Typically the police are the ones that bring the complaints before them but a private citizen can go to them personally. This can be good and bad because you can seek redress when the police refuse to help, but it can also be abused like in this case.


Yeah I know it wasn’t technically the police. This just seemed like the most appropriate place to post it.


Oh, I agree this is the place for it. I was just, ya know, making discussion.



They’re releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen, to do all that, where we save money, well, they’re gonna let them out.