Fuck the Police


It looks like he thought it was off when he planted the drugs and then went to turn it on when he was gonna drag the “suspect” over and show him the drugs he “found” and instead turned it off. Idiot.


Clearly you didn’t read the caption.


Is it supposed to say before DE-activation? It’s obvious that the cop is planting drugs and tried to manipulate cam footage and failed but the caption is fit into a tweet and not terribly clear. The way it’s worded it sounds like the camera records when it’s off.


A lot of cameras like that DO record even when they’re off. They continuously record a 30 second buffer, so if you suddenly “start recording” it has the 30 seconds leading up to that moment.

Even my Marantz has that option.


Yeah man, I didn’t know that cameras recorded when off but after reading the caption and watching the video I deduced that they record all the time and probably don’t start saving until someone turns on the camera but then that also recorded whatever was still in the video buffer from before you hit record.


Yes, as others have said, the camera records all the time. What you are probably wondering is why? Why do that? I will tell you.

It takes time for the camera to start recording if it’s actually off. Even fancy digital cameras have significant boot times. If you press the record button, you actually won’t get any footage at all for maybe a few seconds. Constantly recording doesn’t cost much.

Also, the real question is, why are cops even able to turn these cameras off to begin with? Why doesn’t it record 100% of their time on the job no matter what?


Only reason I can think of is so that it doesn’t record them going to the bathroom or something… but even I think that’s a silly reason.


The usual excuse I hear is to protect the privacy of the people they interact with.


Ah, well that explains a lot then, I had no idea a digital video camera had that much of a lag time. But I totally agree that the cameras should not be able to be turned off by the individual officer. Privacy is not an excuse. The convenience store or bank security camera doesn’t turn off and records everything. And for the bathroom well… unfortunately your streetcart burrito shits are going to be archived. Better that than letting bad cops get away with this kind of crap.


The reason for this sign.


Not to be that guy but shouldn’t these signs have been going up before the white person got shot? I mean its good that they are pointing out the trigger happy police but yeah.


Not sure how this isn’t making bigger waves:

Part 2:

Three more parts to come.



It’s crazy that he gets fired but the actual cops that shoot black people don’t.


Next smart idea. Lets piss off hospitals and arrest nurses for no reason. Don’t worry though he wasn’t susspended.


They don’t have body cams so they can cover that up much more easily.


Plus he said it to a white person. Bad move on his part.



This enraged me:

There’s been “an apology” and the officer has been “taken off the blood unit”.

Bullshit. That guy should be suspended, at minimum. He abused his position, assaulted an innocent person for doing their job, made an unnecessary arrest, and gets a slap on the wrist?

Here’s a total side question: If you are in a situation where an officer starts shoving/beating/hitting you when you’ve done literally nothing, is it legal to fight back? I’m guessing not. If I was that nurse, I’d have had a hard time not swinging on that asshole.

Is the only legal maneuver to allow yourself to take a beating/abuse, then litigate the shit out of it later?


I am not a lawyer this is not legal advice:
Yeah, basically. Deal with whatever they throw at you then sue, fighting back gives them something lawful to throw at you. (resisting arrest shouldn’t be a crime, IMO but that’s the country we live in)