Formula 1



I just watched this race, and yeah, it’s legit:

The great part is they have Jack Nicholls commentating, who is the main BBC radio commentator for Formula 1 and the TV commentator for Formula E. He got his first commentary experience with esport races, so it’s fun that he’s gone from virtual, to real races and the voice of Formula E, and now back to esports again. He knows his stuff about racing and about esports.


Holy shit. I had not considered racing games as esports before. I have way too much to say about this. I can’t wait for F-Zero as esport.


Right? I already flagged this as our next T show. If we do a reviewcon review instead, this is my one and only news.


Place your salts.



From Steph Shrader over at Jalopnik, “Formula One has a Frustrating Echo Chamber problem.”



There was a suggestion they are likely to have children instead, like soccer/football does.

The Internet has suggested using doggos. This, I think, is the far superior idea.


McLaren is looking very orange and with very few sponsors after being back of the grid for the last four years:

Williams seem to be the only team to embrace the halo:

Red Bull looks fucking awesome, but it’s not the final racing livery:

Mercedes looks much like last years except for the added halo:

It seems like all the top teams have copied the super-narrow back end of the Mercedes of last year. I like the lack of full length shark fins and t wings.

I already don’t notice the halo. It’ll be a non-issue within two races.


At this point the only people who complain about the halo are willful monsters looking for carnage. :wink:


I mean, the halo is ugly. But hey, it’s easy to prioritize aesthetics over safety when you are safely behind your keyboard.

And the drivers, well, they need to be protected from themselves, just like football players.


I prefer Indycar’s solution

but more safely is better than less.


It’s 2018 and they are finally streaming.


I will definitely sign up for this. I wonder if we’ll get the Sky broadcast for English, since it’s not cut for commercials, or if we’ll get the NBC Sports feed with no commentary when they go to break.


If it’s something like 100 dollars/euro for the entire season, sign me up!


Pricing for F1 TV Pro will be offered on a monthly basis of USD$8-$12, and annual rates will be priced according to market.

The race season is 8-9 months long, so worst case * 12 = $108 annually.


I’m guessing there will be a similar discount for the year plan like Amazon Prime: “If you choose to be charged on a monthly basis, your membership charge will be $12.99. If you choose to be charged on an annual basis, you will be charged $99.”


Probably. I think it will definitely be worth it for someone who watches most/all of the races.


They’ll probably run it all year long with the justification that you watch archived races and off season talk shows, analysis, and documentaries


I’m on a work trip so didn’t see the race, but I must say from the highlights video I’m a big fan of the new logo and on-screen graphics:

After watching the opening Indycar race, I must say I’m a huge anti-fan of scrolling names and times of drivers across the top and bottom of the screen. How can anyone stand that? It’s the worst design choice ever.


The problem with the new graphics is that the translucency can sometimes make it hard to read depending on what is in the background.