Formula 1


The graphics are nice, though the team logos are a bit too small to really be readable. The race was dull though.


Due to time zones working out for this one, I caught my first F1 race of the year so far. And it was a good one!

Not sure why Red Bull resigned Verstappen and not Ricciardo. Bets on Ricciardo joining Mercedes at the end of the year and Bottas going back to Williams?




Seems like a halo helped someone not get a spinning rear tire to the face:


The photos from the front make it far clearer how the halo made sure that spinning rear wheel was deflected away from the driver’s head.


Are there still people out there who are still arguing strongly for removal of the halo?


Do people still react poorly to change and ardently demand a return to the things they were comfortable with?


After change happens and settles in, the change becomes the norm and people resist a change from THAT. If at some point a few years down the road someone comes up with something better than the halo, it will be met with just as much resistance as the halo itself.


Monaco :sailboat::beach_umbrella::racing_car:





The list is pretty much exactly what I expected. Senna would have had better numbers than Michael had he not died.

One surprise. Kimi doesn’t even make the list? His name doesn’t even appear in the article if I control+f? Did they forget him or something?


Kimi Räikkönen? He isn’t in the list of the best drivers, but is in the chart; use the “search for a driver” bar.


The chart barely works, but thanks I did find him in there.


Head first into the tire wall? The halo comes in handy again!


Has anyone tried F1 TV yet?


I was going to, to keep up with races while I’m away from home. But then I found out it was tied to the country where you live, so I couldn’t use it outside of Germany. That’s no good for when I’m traveling?

Thankfully F1 is getting better at posting highlights to YouTube, so I’ve made do with that for the races I’ve not watched live.

I’d prefer 30 minute highlights like IndyCar or 45 minute highlights (most of the race minus safety cars) of Formula E, but I’ll take what I can for free with F1 these days.


Lots of changes on the grid for next year!



Only a matter of time for this announcement. I’m interested to see what he does in IndyCar next year, and if McLaren put together a team just for him or if he goes with an existing team.

It also frees up even more space for new drivers in F1 next year. It’s nice to have previous winners like Alonso and Raikkonen around, but it doesn’t look like they are going to do much more in terms of title fights, so it’s good to get new drivers in race seats to let them develop what they need for the future.