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Basically Mixer is going in a direction with more interactivity I am looking to do with my streams. For example that delay you get with Twitch? Doesn’t exist. All “flare” is contained within the chat box meaning that if you do not want to see any of it you can hide it easily. In addition the API stuff you can do with the audience is insane and has not been tapped with yet. Including dynamic polls in real time and pub quiz events during a broadcast. Also know that twitch thing with 4 people at once? Mixer has that but with 100+ people (see fortnite match, the person you are following loses, it will auto jump to the leader of the match and you follow them)

Basically I do not want to be gamer in corner playing game but rather a facilitator of group games and mixer is the way to go. For now to twitch and YouTube to broaden audience, I am not looking to be the next MLG streamer, but upping my Internet points to go to conventions and other events more easily is an obtainable thing.



Hmm, maybe this Mixer is worth looking into then.



Apparently for the last, well, approx 2 years I’ve been paying for 2 separate subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud and barely used either.

I’m going to see what my options are. I recall 2 years ago getting a replacement credit card which as a result, after it couldn’t charge to the old one I was told due to the payment issue it cancelled my account. I was unable to get the old one re-started, So I had to sign up for a new one. And so I had it charge directly to an account vs going thru some credit card. Apparently the first account got un-cancelled at some point? And then only now, when I go and get another replacement credit card and the Adobe started failing again, did I notice this issue. (because honestly who clicks on their Adobe profiles for no good reason when things are working?)

If I don’t get decent resolution from this I’m going to be frustrated with Adobe. It should be abundantly clear I did not use both plans, and that I only intended to have one, and that due to billing errors and their stupid system insisting my old profile be cancelled and I had to start a new one fresh did I even have this problem.




@Apreche I know in the mixer discord they have a developer room there if you feel like poking around



Come home and attempted to work on PC cat throws up on keyboard now need new keyboard.



Try the dishwasher. If it’s already vomited on, can’t hurt!



Maybe try some disinfecting wipes?



Working with the wipes and qtips, so far no dice, next with be the diswasher



In the event that it doesn’t work out, what type of keyboard do you use?
PS/2? USB? Wireless?



Being so bored at work on a really slow day that you get dragged into a twitter fight the depths of which you’ve not seen since the phpbb days.






Mixed feeling of the day?

Had a black patch on my arm that the doctor removed for testing, scary. Got results today, not cancer. But still got reffered to a dermatologist because I’m at higher risk of melanoma. So not Yay at all. I don’t know. :upside_down_face:

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Quitting smoking is a bitch. Even with gum supplemented by occasional snuff.

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Context: I work at a multinational medical software development corp.

Last month, my leadership at work called an All-Hands meeting to discuss questions my colleagues and I have. They sourced questions from us and had us vote on the topics we wanted covered. Top voted comments were all about burnout and the growing extra/weekend hours. In the meeting, they didn’t even mention the topics and brushed off the in-person questions about it.

Yesterday, they announced the second such meeting and changed it so we submitted questions in a way that we can’t easily discuss our concerns and the meeting is entirely digital. Never before have I seen a group of people more afraid to face their own employees.

We so need a union…

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Holy fucking christ. Julian Assage has been given a journalism award by the European United Left–Nordic Green Left part of the European Parliament. That’s not terribly shocking by itself, until you consider the award - the GUE/NGL Award for Journalists, Whistleblowers & Defenders of the Right to Information - was created in honor of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

That’s right: They gave him an award created in honor of a journalist who he slandered by saying she(among others) was being paid off by the US government to attack Putin, who was murdered because of her involvement with a series of leaks that Assange smeared as being fakes, made up by the OCCRP and George Soros.



Just do it. Find an existing related union to join and call them.



Yup. Working on it. First step is to make sure there’s enough people interested so we don’t just get shut down and fired.



I wonder if you can file a wrongful termination suit if that happens. Personally, I would love to get fired and then file a lawsuit, assuming I win. That means getting paid, but not working.



So, it is complicated, right? It is illegal to fire people for trying to unionize, but if my office was super pro-labor this conversation may not even be happening.