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What’s the best SNES emulator these days? Supposing you care about performance more than 100% cycle accuracy or whatever.

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Is, was, and and always will be ZSNES. I have never found something that works better.

You mean SNES9x.

I’ve heard that Higen (formerly bsnes) is the one for supreme accuracy, but not so great if you just want to play.

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Retroarch is pretty good too; most of its cores are just library versions of popular emulators.


PS2 emulators - are they playable? If so, what’s good? PCSX2 is at the top of the googles, but that doesn’t give me much info.

I got one to work once. It was not the most wonderful like an SNES emulator, but it got the job done. Better with more powerful PC, obviously.

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I too got one working… In 2008. I remember it working great but laughing that they had exactly 0 default keybindings so you had to figure out how to bind every button on a ps4 controller to your keyboard (don’t judge me was a broke rit student)

I’m sure these days it’s solid as a rock.

PCSX2 is, as far as I know, only PS2 emulator, that’s worth anything at least. How well it works depends a lot on the game, but I’ve managed to play multiple games with ether no issues, or with only minor ones.

This is a fascinating read.

Stop spoiling my TotD.

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It’s buried deep in this dead thread. No one will find it!

So where’s the best place to grab ROMs these days? Yar?

I have every NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy, Atari 2600 ROM, so I haven’t needed to get more…

I have the same giant sets I was carting around since high school, so I’m mostly covered. But I’ve slowly been buying FPGA carts for systems and loading them up. Upon doing this, I found that the verified complete ROM sets floating around were much more thorough and organized collections for this purpose. I went and grabbed sets at emuparadise I think, for the carts I’d purchased so far, but only have my ancient sets for the to-be-purchased ones.

I think our extended friend group should plan a mass sharing, consolidation, and redistribution of our collective assets in this arena.

Been trying to get ePSXe working for a stream I wanted to do of Chrono Cross, that game appears to be an exception to emulating other PSX games. Took way longer than I expected to just get it to run, let alone work correctly.

I wanted to like Chrono Cross. I really wanted to.

I didn’t even get two hours in before I dropped it.

From my experience PS1 and PS2 emulation is the kind of thing where most games you can get work easily, then some require very specific fiddling with specific plugins and some stuff just doesn’t work. And in some fun cases updates to the emulator makes games that worked previously not work afterwards, happened to me with Devil May Cry 3.

I am having this with Ace Combat 4. It runs, everything works, but there’s lots of graphics glitches I can’t seem to iron out.

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All I want is a good Saturn emulator so I can play Dragon Force and Shinning Force III (and if there’s a fan made translation of the second and third parts, even better!).

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