When I finally got Chrono Cross to run and start a game I breathed a sigh of relief. Then the dialog showed up and the background boxes didn’t render to the right scale, figured I could live with that, then I walked out of the first room and the prerendered background paths didn’t line up to the actual scripted paths. Was so bummed.


Wow - My collection of PS1 RPG discs is so vast that I was about to suggest grabbing a used PS3 and playing your copy of Chrono Cross on that instead. Because if I have these discs lying about, then clearly everyone else does too.

That said, I’m currently replaying Lunar: Silver Star Story on my PS3 using my original PS1 disc. :sunglasses:

Though I’ve discovered that while it may just be the fact that I’ve played this game before, I don’t think I have the patience required for JRPGs anymore.


I’m mostly looking for complete ROM sets of Game Boy and maybe Game Boy Advance. Game Boy is definitely my next flash cart purchase.

I’d also like to get my hands on a Dreamcast set, although I can imagine the storage size on that being a bit extreme.




I have all the GB ROMS, including JP and EU. I loaded them onto a DS flash cart.


So many problems in this world solved with “I forgot about the internet archive”


I bought the digital version on PS3, which is actually what I intended to stream. But apparently the HDCP settings that are hard coded into the firmware make it a PITA to stream out. The best solution for that approach is get a capture card that takes component cables and use those from the PS3 or to get a dongle that will allow you to filter out the HDCP metadata before going to your capture card. Apparently one of the older discontinued Elgatos will strip the metadata for you but most of those are still like $200 online. I’m sure I have the component cables somewhere but I don’t want to dig them out. Figured just emulating would be easier and cheaper, it’s certainly cheaper, but… maybe not better?

Turns out one of those AVerMedia cards @Apreche recommended also comes with the necessary cabling to make this work… just don’t know if I want to spend $150 on this.


Component cables are stupid cheap if you want to go that route.
What I don’t know is what capture devices work well with component video.


Every capture card I have seen, even the Elgato ones, come with cables for component and other inputs so you can stream older pre-HDMI consoles. There are also rumors about that certain HDMI splutters can remove HDCP. I’ve got a couple splitters, but I use them for actual splitting. Not sure if they actually remove HDCP or not.


My Elgato 60 definitely did not.


I forget which elgato I had that broke, but it came with them.


Mine did.

I’m going to see if it will work with my current workflow as a crappy video capture device. IIRC it had less deterministic latency than others I’ve used, but I haven’t actually tested.