Dreams! Post weird or interesting dreams you’ve had. I wrote up the dream I had last night that inspired making this thread. It’s not the best writing, I cleaned it up a bit but I wrote it still half asleep before the memory of the dream faded.

I have some sort of science project, want to see a liger and get pictures of it. There is one kept in a pen on the roof of a tech institute roof, so I go in the institute, which is a very tall skyscraper in a city, pretending to be a college student at the institute. I go through an industrial looking warehouse area at the base, and ride a large large car lift elevator to top of building.

I look for a window out to the roof where the liger is, pretending to be an institute college student. A professor doesn’t believe me and says I can look at the liger after the real students have left. There’s a crowd of them at a window in a reception area looking at the liger.

Flip through books full of random Japanese characters, single characters over and over, or long passages of random words arranged like an actual text along with scientific diagrams, but all their labeling text is the same sort of random meaningless words.

The crowd of real students clears and I can finally see the liger looks really weird and long, with grey and black shaggy fur. It is sleeping at first, but it wakes up eventually and its neck keeps stretching, it has three heads/faces on its neck the middle is mostly just a mouth, but the top and bottom look like a lion and tiger. Its huge, fifteen feet tall or better.

It starts freaking out, running around, jumping around, roaring from all three mouths accidentally jumps over the fence at the top of the building and goes over the side, we’re twenty stories up. I comment to mom (she was there the whole time?) that this is not the first time I saw a liger jump of a building, but she doesn’t want to hear about it.

The institute building is also an elementary school, dad is teaching there, but mom had told me on the way dad had died in a traffic accident on Chincoteague. Dad comes in, dad is really tall broad, over six feet tall, and dressed in a strange thick wool jacket like a Russian overcoat. It’s blue and rather shabby but he’s wearing normal clothes underneath. Only mildly surprised that Dad is alive and fine, mom doesn’t seem surprised so I wonder if I imagined her saying it.

Dad asks me to watch his classroom for the rest of the day while he’s in a meeting. I reluctantly agree, dad says it will be fine, so I got to the classroom which despite the rest of the building looking like a modern office the inside of the classroom looks like a typical baby boom era school room, painted cinderblock walls, big windows, rows of old desks.

I spend a few hours trying to keep kids somewhat productive, they were third graders or so, not really sure. It’s a bit rowdy but no one gets hurt. There’s a little black girl with big fluffy hair, pink overall shorts white tee-shirt and sneakers that seems a bit more mature and responsible who helps me and tells me what they’re supposed to do and what dad usually does.

At some point I realize I am not wearing pants, only shorts and a button shirt, but no one seems to notice so I just go on with things.

At the end of the day all the kids, there’s about 12 of them all get their things and sit on the couch until the signal to leave.

The lights go out, no one seems to think much except one boy, who is suddenly very frightened. He is scared of the dark even though it’s just the lights off there’s light coming through the windows. The girl tells me that the lights go out for a few minutes before its time to leave every day.

Suddenly there is a sheep in the room, a cute little fluffy sheep with a ribbon and bell around its neck, and the sheep is the boy’s friend. He pets it on the head and starts to feel better. I hear dad behind me saying the boy has a bad home life and befriends animals instead, looking for love in return from them when he doesn’t get it get it at home. Bummer.

I turn to talk to dad, he’s still in the greatcoat and taller and broader than he should be, and he starts lecturing me. “You handled this poorly. There was a lot of noise that we could hear, and We. Were. Sick. Of. It.” When I try to explain I did my best I get told its no excuse and that I failed. I go to angrily retort but the children are starting to file out so I hold my tongue to not argue with my dad in front of a bunch of kids.

Mom is there and we all go back to the big car elevator and back down to the large warehouse space at the bottom. Kids and teachers and institute people are all milling around, looking for their busses or cars I suppose. A woman about my age dressed very professionally, skirt and suit jacket, comes up to me. At this point for some reason I am pushing a shopping cart, and she leans against the front of the shopping cart as she talks to me. She tells me we have an emergency planning meeting; all the teachers have to go. I try to explain I am not a teacher but she insists and pulls me along back to another elevator. As we go up the elevator I woke up.

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You had every stereotypical dream all at once?

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If there was ever a wall-of-text post I was never going to read, it would be someone telling me their dream.


I generally hate my fucking dreams.

Apparently? It was unusual to me because my dreams are usually short and quite vague or at the very least I don’t remember them. To have such a long and vivid dream was really rather exciting for me.

I was at a tabeltop even for some sort. It was in a corporate headquarters. Also somehow this Corp was launching a rocket full of like a zillion bombs. There were also scenes with some other people in a house we were going to save the day and were running from bad guys. Had a tough time driving down a steep and winding driveway. The end.

Last night I was at Cedar Point, but I couldn’t actually get in line for any roller coasters because things kept getting in my way and the park was almost ready to close. I had a paper due the next day in college that I tried to find so I could finish it before I rode a coaster. My boss called and had a project I didn’t understand. I finally got in line for one, and then I realized I was naked.

The funny thing is the “naked” dream never bothers me. I always react the same way. “Whelp, I guess I’m naked” as I proceed to just keep doing whatever I was doing.

I dreamt of a day when people didn’t ramble on about their dreams. Sadly, I woke up.



Am I seriously the only person who finds dreams interesting? I don’t subscribe deep meaning to them but sometimes they are just so out there. I find them fascinating.

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Dreams are fascinating, but there is no point in sharing details of your own dreams or the weird stories they contain. They mean less than nothing to the people reading or hearing about them.

Tell us how a dream makes you feel. Tell us how it impacted your life. Tell us how it changed something about you. Tell us how it inspired you to create something new.

Tell us everything about the dream except the dream itself.


I completely disagree. Without the story there’s no context to the feelings or impact it may have. Sure some dreams are very mundane but sometimes a dream is a strange story your mind makes up which can be compelling in and of itself. I like hearing about people’s dreams.

I will not pretend that I don’t agree with lukeburrage.

Narrative retellings of dreams are invariably uninteresting. They’re too personal to, except in the most symbolic high-level sense, the person who dreamed them.

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It’s ok, we can talk about Inception and Paprika.


I agree the stories can be interesting. I have very elaborate stories in my dreams which I find really interesting. However, they need editing into real narratives before sharing. And that’s what I do. Two of my novels were based very heavily on dreams I had. A few songs I’ve written have come almost fully formed from my dreams.

Right now I’m about 50% done writing a musical (a science fiction comedy electronic musical) where the spark of the story came from a dream.

Of course, once edited, they lose a lot of the dreamlike essence. But I try to keep the emotions that I felt when waking, and instil that into the creative process.

Well now we need to know more.

It involves a colony ship traveling to another star system being infested by a flock of intelligent velociraptors. They are accidentally being fed by the computer waking up a crew member or passenger from hibernation to respond to errors in the ship systems. The story follows a small group of humans who try to fight back. I forgot to mention it’s also a bit of a horror/slasher story too.

The working title is The Voyage of the Terra Nova. So far I have 14 tracks written and (demo) recorded, with me singing all the parts. It’s a sung-through musical, with the idea being you can just listen to the music tracks and get the full story.

The important part of this is that I knew writing a 30 song musical would be a LOT of work, having completed a much shorter musical project before. That one was based on the movie Groundhog Day, which is a favourite movie of mine. But, of course, I don’t own the intellectual property of the characters or story, so I could do pretty much nothing with the final project except post it online for free as the tracks and later a video. When the writer of the movie wanted a musical made, he didn’t knock on my door, of course, but got Tim Minchin to write it.

So when I knew I wanted to write a new musical, I wanted to be 100% sure it was my own original story with my own original setting and characters. I waited for about two years to find a story I was inspired enough to start writing about.

The original dream was in two parts, one mostly set on Earth with a guy having a relationship so bad he wanted to get as far away from his ex-girlfriend as possible… and the second half being how that ended up pretty badly on a crashed ship infested by dinosaurs. With editing, the story discarded the first half of the dream, putting all that into a single song to begin the musical (title: "I need a little distance).

Sure, the setup is kinda like Jurassic Park mixed with Alien/Aliens, but it’s distinct enough from both of those. I’ve been working on it since Spring, and I’m both having a lot of fun with it, and very happy with the results so far.



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Dreams serve as reminders to me that I’m trans. I spent (spend?) a lot of time debating whether or not to transition, debating if I can swallow my desires and live as a man because cis men have it easy. Then I go to sleep and I can’t escape it. It feels too good to be a woman. I’m not always a woman in my dreams but when I am it feels better than anything I’ve experienced consciously. Sometimes I have dreams where I’m having sex as a woman, which is great because it brings the anatomical differences to the forefront of what’s being experienced. Waking up from those is the worst tho. I wind up curling up in a ball, crying, wanting to castrate myself.

Sorry if that got intense but I hadn’t given it any thought until just now.

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Reading that short write up put to words some vague thoughts and feelings I’d never considered in… human? terms.

I waited too long and I forgot.

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