The other night I had a dream that Justin Beiber stole my Playstation. That is all.

From an analysis standpoint, the fact that it was Justin Beiber was because I’d been listening to podcasts that featured a celebrity news spot, and he kept coming up in them fairly often. Also I’d been having so many issues with my Playstation and its peripherals being defective or breaking lately, and while I think I finally solved the issues, and figured that since at least the hard drive was not likely to fail, I wouldn’t lose my save files, even if any other given part of the system could go down. But in my sleep, my brain found a way for me to lose even my save files - if the system itself was stolen.


Am I in the minority in that I completely forget my dreams within about 15 minutes of waking up? They stick around just long enough to contemplate while brushing my teeth.


I think I am in the same boat. I know I must dream but I can’t for the life of me ever remember anything that happens. This morning I recalled something while brushing my teeth and said “I should write that down”. Poof it was gone before I got back to my phone.


Yes, but I can remember more if I remember to try to remember quickly enough.


If my head is off the pillow I’ve likely forgotten everything already. Sometimes on my way to snooze my alarm I think that that dream was interesting but by the time I’m there I’ve already lost it. They’re like really fleeting.


Not remembering your dreams, or having them fade quickly from your memory if you don’t actively commit to remembering them makes sense from the research I did when I was looking into Lucid Dreaming. (Which was awesome, the one time I was able to pull it off).

The best theory I saw was that dreaming is your brain’s way of defragging itself, burning off unneeded memories and thought processes during the night. Therefore, anything you remember about them the next day is something that your brain is already “finished” with and doesn’t need to keep in memory. Remembering it beyond the first moments after waking up would then be something that your conscious brain needs to make an effort to do.


Heh I’ve lucid dreamed, kinda on accident on two occasions both times I’ve gotten so excited that I was actually doing it I woke myself up.

I only vaguely remember both but I committed hard to remembering them so I still have what I have years later.

Once I was sitting at my childhood table and realized I was dreaming when I saw I couldn’t read the newspaper. The other I was at work and tried to fly which I did but it was like going out of bounds in a video game, the rest of the dream hadn’t loaded and I could just see into the skybox. so I tried to go back into work but flew through it and under the floor and into the like… void, at which point I woke up.


Last night I was barely nodding off in bed and suddenly felt like I just started falling for a few seconds. That was odd.



Lucid Dreaming was the best, but these days I just kinda want to rest :-p


I found Paprika to be the film I wanted Inception to be. Dreams are so often fucking weird and illogical. Paprika captured that. Apart from the building bending, the dreamspace of Inception was too real.