Dogs and Cats, Living Together: Pet Pictures


Pete took a video of Nimitz and posted it on Facebook.
Kate posted a response using a Queen song.

Behold, my power:


I’m cat sitting while my friends are on their honeymoon. This little guy is my new best bud!


Statler and Waldorf are checking out their new coconut house.


Stupid Precious Baby finally made a new friend since the neighbor dogs moved out.


Morning long bunny. He pushed all his hay around to make this space


Hay, Bun! Haaaay! ^_~


This is Snuugles. She is a super-goofball who likes holding one ear up and one ear down, playing with hay, and investigating. She had some grass time today where she got to run around and frisk about while we gave her cage a good, thorough cleaning!


This is Milo. He is a 4 year old piebald dachshund. He is super sweet and, if all goes well, he will be ours after the holiday weekend. He is very well behaved unless a female dog (our Zoë) is around. Then, all of his thoughts become intensely… amorous. We will need to have him neutered immediatedly so that he and Zoë can start to bond. He constantly sticks his nose up her backside and follows her everywhere. She clearly doesn’t like it, but in typical mellow Zoë fashion, doesn’t get snappish and just tries to avoid him.



My in-laws never neutered their standard dachshund. My mother in law always wanted to breed him for some reason but most people don’t have standard dachshunds, they have minis so size difference was an issue. He was a nice dog because he was well trained but could be territorial with little kids used to their mellow neutered pet at home, and he was an absolutely insufferable butt if there was an unfixed lady dog around. Not to be a downer, but this is what led to him having an accident and passing away when he went to try and chase the neighbor’s unfixed lady bulldog. This is why you fix all your pets.


Our Zoë is fixed and is 8 years old. Milo still couldn’t leave her be. Little man had NEEDS.


There’s data that indicates spaying/neutering leads to higher cancer rates in certain breeds, incontinence in bitches, and possibly some other behavioral issues. There’s also evidence that spaying/neutering decreases rates of specific cancers and other diseases, so it is a balancing act. For population control purposes there are vets that offer ovarian-sparing spays and vasectomies.


Good info to know. :slight_smile:


This is our new pup, Milo. :slight_smile:


My cat is Lady Catherine dePurr!


Lady just turned two (I’ve had her from a kitten and she’s my fur baby!! <3) and Cory and I have been talking about getting another cat for her so she has a friend to grow up with. We started looking online, he picked his favorite, and I applied on a whim (through an Animal Control in CT). On Wednesday I got the call that my vet recommended me, and this Saturday Comet is ours!!

This all happened in the span of a week. Crazy and exciting… but I decided to keep it a secret from Cory until I come home with a brand new kitten :smiley: And his name shall be…

VIGO the Catpathian


Google made a pretty good gif of our cat Kiska:


Soba is our 11 month old silken windhound. He was originally a SD prospect for my son, but we were attacked by a stupid neighbor’s pit bulls when he was a puppy. Even if he isn’t a successful SD he’s already had an amazing effect on our 5 year old. Our cats don’t particularly like him now that he’s full grown but integrating everyone will be a lifelong process.

I love him so much and I’m so happy that we found his breed. He’s perfect for our family.

Bonus tiny puppy pic!



That is an A+ long dog.


So on Saturday, I’m adopting two kitten siblings from the SPCA.

I actually only submitted my application about two weeks ago, so I’m kind of shocked at how fast this whole process is just barreling along.

The two kittens are named Ginny (female) and Raymond (male) and are about 6-7 months old. I’m not particularly in love with their current names, so I’m going to rename them. However, I haven’t come up with new names yet, so I’m posting here to see if anyone has any good suggestions.

Possible names I’ve come up with:

Titania and Oberon (from A Midsummer’s Night Dream)

Samus and Link

Ripley and Hudson (from Aliens)

So FRC Forum, help me out with awesome literary/nerdy/geeky cat names!