Dogs and Cats, Living Together: Pet Pictures


Even when your animal has a serious illness/issue, the payout may be minimal or nonexistant. From the plans I’ve evaluated, it really is better just to stick money in a savings account or accessible investment rather than into an insurance plan.

@sK0pe Yeah, a lot of people poorly train and feed their animals, but that isn’t the case 100% of the time. I have a food motivated dog. Minimal, low cal treats to encourage positive behaviors turned him from being a giant pain in the ass to a pretty awesome and productively active (rather than distructively active) member of the household. He’s a dachsund, a breed that is often obese due to overfeeding and inactivity. He has a degenerative heart condition and degenerative disc disease (he’s gone ‘down’ 5 times in his 7 years, but we’ve managed to get him back up with crate rest, antiinflammatories, and in-home aquatic physical therapy). Both conditions were due to genetics, not improper care. Low-sodium quality dog food, frequent low-impact activity, and concious distribution of low cal treats (we use Charlee Bear Liver treats - 3 calories a piece, and Nutro Crunchy treats - for a “big” reward) have kept him and his sister quite trim. We monitor their weight closely not only to keep their backs healthy, but because keeping them active is key to keeping them happy - as is the reward of a treat.


Here is a breakdown


Hmm, the above described insurance schemes seem useless compared to what I would encounter clients with client claims. The only dispute seems to be dentals as preventatives and which companies will argue for but I just describe the dental in exact medical terms which is basically a disease. I’m not lying and my clients get to claim it.

I guess the insurance companies don’t want to make any money from the pet market? Seems kind of strange but may be due to a quirk in how insurance companies may be able to operate. Kind of translates directly into why only 1% of owners use pet insurance over there while I would see upwards of 70% in rich suburbs while still encountering a baseline of around 40% in lower socioeconomic areas.

I get this perspective from clients commonly and it’s completely fine, especially for clients who are paying money to come see me. Different people will end up caring for their dogs differently. Dachshund’s are one of a group of notorious breeds that tends to paint owners into a corner with genetic predilections as you’re already aware. I only really give the tutorial if they’re in for a behavioural, obesity, obesity + complicating disorder or initial “this is my first pet” consult. Often with the pushy breeds, to really control them in a multi dog household, both would need to have been trained around attention from the start.

He’s got a good thing going in being able to hold his owners hostage with is behaviour (“I’ll be a pain in the ass unless I get treats because I’m actually the one in charge”, versus “I’ll behave myself to get any attention at all.”). This type of training is challenging and not incredibly intuitive till you see it work. I also end up seeing the full gamut of how headstrong each animal is when they come in for consult, medical workup or surgery days. Often its a complete 180 when compared to behaviours.
It sounds like you’re doing a great job with tools and circumstance you have.


Speaking of things that might require pet insurance - Darcy has decided to chew up something potentially lethal, which is a first. She’s managed to chew to bits a pair of glasses, destroying both the frames, and worse, the polycarb lenses. Polycarbonate, while tough, when shattered under pressure has a tendency to turn into a collection of very sharp edges. So it’s off to the vet with the big idiot. Hopefully it will be fine, but better to spend the money and be sure, than take chances.


This is the (stray?) cat that lives at my place. My landlord says it’s not his cat but it’s always here. Anyways, apparently today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Kelly!


Rorschach getting acquainted with Rowlet.


One of the teachers I work with has just had a load of baby hamsters, her hamster not the teacher. She offered one to me for free but I can’t, stupid apartment doesn’t allow pets. Nearly been a year since I had some animal living in the house and its killing me.



They should have got a rhesus macaque, and had him as the mascot of a religious rap group dressed as bananas. They could have been Monkey Monk and the Funky bunch.


Malcolm, doing him a blep.


Darcy sits in chairs, part 3.


Draw me like one of your french girls.


My mother got a dog a couple of years ago after years of never wanting a one. (and with me having an irrational fear of dogs since childhood.) She is a cute little ball of fluff and I have started taking a photo of her whenever she just lays down in my room.


I don’t always pose for pictures, but when I do, I make it internet worthy.


The skinny Friar looks like a combo of @Apreche and @GeorgePatches. X-D



Buggie resting his head on Bella. This doesn’t happen often, but it has happened a few times.


Darcy is trying to understand why this tennis ball makes noise and has 4 legs.


It tried to hump(Or just cling to I guess? I’m no expert on the intentions of puppies) her leg a bit after that, and no joke, it only went from about her paw-tip to her elbow(Knee?). Baby Pomeranian(mostly), weighs just a hair under a kilo at the moment. It was SO TINY.


Both birds were wonderful, but the left bird. I know that feel.